There a debate club, we debated issues of morality

There has never been a time when I have not thought
critically of the world. I have always asked an infinite amount of questions,
but have received few answers. Philosophy is at the heart of everything, it
teaches us to question the unquestionable. A world without philosophy would be
a world without thought, reasoning and free thinking.  Through reading J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in
the Rye I acquired an insight into the importance of objectivism, I later
discovered the work of Ayn Rand. I am fascinated by how much debate surrounds
her philosophy, and how her view of rational selfishness can be seen as
perverse. Discovering objectivism has had a significant impact on my way of
life. It has given me confidence knowing that rational self-interest is the
highest moral purpose.

In the last 6 months I have been working as a Health Care
Assistant in a residential home. This has taught me some crucial life lessons,
which I will never forget. Working alongside people with dementia has changed
many of my philosophical beliefs such as my thoughts on personal identity –
John Locke’s Memory Theory proposes the idea that personal identity only
extends as far as consciousness and memory. However if a person cannot remember
who they are, what remains of one’s identity? This is a question I hope to find
an answer to.

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In high school I was a member of a debate club, we debated
issues of morality and ethics such as abortion, capital punishment and
euthanasia. This taught me how to construct an argument and articulate my own thoughts
and opinions. Most importantly it has helped me to become a more critical
thinker. As well as improving my overall judgement and decision making
abilities. These are skills I believe to be necessary when studying philosophy
and education.

I enjoy reading, travelling and exploring new subjects. I
like to learn new things and educate myself in various topics. I enjoy doing
this is by watching documentaries. One that I find great interest in is Louis
Theroux’s Extreme Love: Autism.  He explored
the schooling facilities available for children with autism. It gave me an
insight into what education is like for those with disabilities. The curriculum
is taught differently, to suit all of the individual’s abilities. I have also spent
over 200 hours volunteering in similar settings. I have seen first-hand how
teaching methods can be shaped to suit the individual’s needs and capabilities.
I therefore recognise the importance of equality within education.

I consider it to be vital that everyone has equal opportunities
in life. One of the biggest influences on people’s lives is education; the
education system is something we are all initiated into at a young age and
remain in until adulthood. Not only is it responsible for academia but it also
has an important role for emotional and psychosocial development. Schools are
becoming more accountable for children’s maturation; some students spend more
time in the classroom than at home. With all these factors in mind, I believe
it is crucial to think philosophically about these issues and build solutions
to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all children to flourish in.

There is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge passed down
through history and it is essential that new generations are well educated to
ensure a better future for mankind. From my experiences working with others, it
is clear to me that I want to contribute to the field of education.  My most desirable characteristics are my
confidence, sociability, patience, commitment and accountability. I have always
been a natural leader, my peers often look to me for direction and guidance
when a problem arises.  Along with these
skills, I am certain that I have the attributes required to be a truly
inspirational teacher.


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