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The Gilded Age the time of economic growth, immigration, the second American industrial revolution, and economic or political corruption. This era changed America by having more jobs, transportation, business and etc. The most important industries of this era were railroads, steel production, oil production, and banking.Railroads affected farmers and industrial workers making agriculture business and shipping goods possible. It also created towns, economic specialization, and markets. The first Transcontinental Railroad was built by the union and central Pacific railroads completed in 1869 at Promontory, Utah. The railroad made it easier for mailing and shipping goods to travel faster. Farmers and Factories lived near railroads to import their goods. Building the railroads took away land from Native Americans. Central Pacific hired Irish and German immigrants and the Union hired Chinese immigrants to build the railroads for a cheaper pay. New creations like Cornelius Vanderbilt stations and George Pullman called the Pullman sleeping car made them rich. Railroads were a huge hit in this era that everyone used it for transportation. Since everyone used it railroads started to abuse their power. For instance stock watering, price discrimination, and pools. Steel was so important for industrialization because it created strong railroads, trains, steamboats, skyscraper, factored, etc. Steamboats started in 1812, stimulated western and southern agricultural economy by opening markets and allowing eastern manufacturers to send goods to the west at a rapid pace. Railroads that replaced canals and was connected to the northeast and midwest regions.. Not only did steel created strong creations but made some people wealthy. Andrew Carnegie who worked his way up to become one of the wealthiest men of the steel business. He sold steel his strong steel for a cheaper price. Carnegie organized with over 40 millionaire partnerships by 1900, he produced ¼ of the nation’s steel and made $25 million. J Pierpont Morgan financed the reorganization of railroads, insurance companies, and banks. In 1901 he became the first billionaire in American when launched the United States Steel Corporation. In 1870, John D Rockefeller organized an oil company in Ohio and wanted to take out the other oil business little by little. By 1877 Rockefeller controlled 95% of all the oil in the country his oil was affordable that everyone brought his oil. He was able to become wealthy monopolizing the oil industries with his standard Oil and employing spies and horizontal integration.  Oil was able to create electricity, machines, light bulbs, telephone, and subways. Since the light was created people were able to work longer hours and will able to see their work more clearly.  Telephones to be able to talk to someone in long distances. These inventions created more jobs not only for men but for women and immigrants also. Women who were young and single were able to work as typewriters, secretaries, and clerks. Few women become ministers, lawyers, and doctors but most women worked as nurses, a schoolteacher, or librarians. The Gilded age made a huge impact in this century because it allowed new inventions to come in, more jobs, and reconnect the south and the west with railroads.


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