The votes. I truly believe that the electoral college

The electoral college is a process not a place. The founding fathers established it in the constitution as a compromise between election of the president by a vote in congress. It is where the electors get together and vote for the president. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. So basically the electoral college is the people we go and vote on to vote for the president. The pros of this is that educated people vote on the president for your best interest and the electors can make a better dissection. The cons is the candidates with more votes than the others can still not win because the electors can vote on someone that has the most votes by the people but more electors vote on the other the one with more people votes will lose because the electors voted for the other candidate more. Voter apathy is the voter turnout in the elections. The electoral college is affecting the voter apathy because people will not vote if the majority vote for one guy but that guy loses because the electoral college voted for the other guy  and had less votes still but the elector votes always will tump the peoples votes. So basically the people find it useless to go and vote since their vote doesn’t even matter since the elector votes are more powerful than the peoples votes. I truly believe that the electoral college is effection the voter apathy since the votes don’t matter unless you are an elector voter cause they have the most say. And the numbers of voter turnout has dropped since 2012″he study showed 53 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. cast ballots in 2012, the last time a presidential election was held, with about 129 million people out of a potential 241 million citizens taking part in the election.” (Reagan) The electoral college is lowering the voter turnout because the republican voters will always win if louisiana republicans vote 70 % and 30% democrats then 30% of voters will not vote because they already know who will win with 100 % of the electoral votes in each state for republicans.I think that the electoral college should be abolished because it is too powerful against the peoples votes. If i had to choose a plan instead of the electoral college it would be the direct election plan because it pretty much reverses the effects of the electoral college like basically instead of having to vote on electors you just vote on the candidate him/herself. In the end this plan gives your vote more meaning and it matters more. I also chose the direct plan over the national bonus plan because the whole point of the direct plan is to get rid of the electors and the national bonus plan adds more electors. And it is a bit absurd and will never gain popular support. The last reason i want the direct plan over the district plan is because the district plan is more confusing and really is extra and over complicated. In conclusion i think the electoral college should be replaced and it lowers voters apathy so it defeats the purpose of voting.


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