The tributes were merely the plaything of those who

capital is the center of power and governs twelve districts, and each district
supports one aspect of the country.The people of each district are serving the
rulers and producing activities for the interests of the rulers.In such an
authoritarian state, the only law is the command of the ruler.Its rule is fear,
fear of the consequences of disobeying orders.Because of the power relations
and the fear of such power relations, each district choose their “tribute” as
required. The game serves as punishment and a demonstration against them. They
used people as tributes. Under autocratic Panem, the tributes were merely the
plaything of those who hold power – the rulers and the audience. One key point
for them to survive is to please the sponsors and get the audience to love
them. Whether they were trained before the game or in the game, they were the
objects of the game. The viewers, with their bizarre and twisted psychology,
are as creepy as their bizarre and twisted makeup. What is their humanity? What
do they think of the hunger games? Is it just the punishment? It doesn’t seem
that way. They broadcast the hunger games live, showing the tribute, allowing
the Capitol people to choose the medicines and food that they will provide to
support them. They really treat it like a game, in a live-action version. The
hunger games give them pleasure, excitement, and the ability to feed the
satisfaction in their own dominating nature. In disregard of the dignity of the
tribute’s life, in this man’s dog-eat-dog game, the ugliness of humanity stands
more apparently ugly than the killing itself. The whole film, in the intense
suspense of the plot, revealing deep moral dilemma along the way through the
character’s choices, reveals moral exploration into aspects of life. This is a
reflection of real life. It is a reflection of cruel reality, of family, love,
justice, and rebellion. The more cruel the society, the more you should reflect
on your own conscience. “This was no tribute’s campfire gone out of control,no
accidental occurrence.The flames that bear down on me have an unnatural
height,a uniformity that marks them as human-made, machine-made,


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