The to each ‘P` in a balanced manner. Siva’s

The marketing mix is a set of controllable, tactical marketing
tools from which any type of an organization can benefit to arrive at the best
possible product for the final customer. The marketing mix is all about getting
the right product or service to the customer at the right price, in the right
place and with the right method of promotion. As marketing became a more
sophisticated strategy for companies to use, a fifth ‘P’ was added which is
known as People and recently two further ‘P`s were added mainly for service
industries – Physical evidence and Process. In order to create the most
effective marketing mix, marketers have to give due importance to each ‘P` in a
balanced manner. Siva’s new proposal in the market (“pick you up, take you
back”), is to be pre-planned carefully, taking into consideration all the
marketing tools, in order to achieve profitable marketing innovativeness.


A product is any good or service offered by a company to its
customers which is translated into a bundle of benefits, solutions and
satisfactions for the user. The new proposal coincides with intangible
attributes which serves as an additional service on the rental of the car. Given
the time and money people would spend to arrive at a local Siva Outlet, this is
a suitable ‘pushing the customer’ strategy that will ultimately adverse this
issue. This will generate a greater opportunity to capture potential customers
to the organization with also keeping existing customers within the company’s

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The element of pricing involves the amount of money paid by
customers to purchase a product which can be either in the form of goods or
services. Pricing strategy should be set for free at the beginning however, by
time, it should be set at a particular price. The firm shouldn’t just, go ahead
and charge whatever price it wants.  For
example, assuming that Hertz and Avis already deliver this particular service,
a market research exercise is carried out to identify their pricing strategies.
Thereafter, Siva can innovate their pricing strategy from its competitors by
charging a lower price so that Siva can earn a competitive advantage.


The main aim of the distribution strategy for every firm can be
spelled out as making available the products and services to consumers where,
when and how they prefer them. It’s of utmost importance that in order to carry
out this proposal efficiently and accordingly, Siva must widen its distribution
network. Given the huge market of car hiring in the UK, connections with
various publics would aid in delivering this service more effectively. For
example, local Siva outlets might have direct connection with nearest airports
and hotels to make this process easier to communicate with the customer.


Promotion means all those activities that communicate the
solutions and benefits of this proposal and persuade target customers to rent a
vehicle from Siva. Advertising on Posters and billboards in Airports and busy
traffic areas near the airport might be an effective of reaching this
particular market. Alternatively, media promotions and other related
technological promotional tools are also efficient ways to penetrate different
target markets. For example, Siva might collaborate with internet sites like, and air transportation sites to display adverts of
Siva’s new proposal.


There are various people who play a part in the service delivery
process and can influence the buyer`s perception. Contact staff are the most
important element of any service or experience. Siva’ s people contact staff,
sales representatives, drivers and all those individuals who have direct
communication with the client must ensure that they assist the client
accordingly. The staff needs to be properly dressed and outgoing as first
impression counts. These influencers must be well trained to give the customer
a blissful experience that will potentially create more existing customers.


The physical environment in which customers are allocated, can definitely
affect the outcome of the customers overall perception from the service
experience. A formal presentation of the company’s cars, outlets and even the setup
of the company’s website, all effect the consumers perception of the company. Making
the customer feel comfortable within the firm also depends on good hygienic
standards which will also form an ‘attention to detail` perception of the
company’s image.


The last P involves the process in which the service is provided.
The service provider need to be fully aware of the means the service is
produced and delivered to the consumers. The service will include, first of all,
a booking from either the website or by telephone (Information about the customer
will be automatically inputted in the company’s marketing intelligence system),
then the customer receives a confirmation with all the necessary information
(arrival time, pickup point etc..). On the ‘pick up day’, clients must present
the necessary documents i.e. license and ID. A cab driver will pick up the
customer from the airport or hotel to ultimately take them to the assigned Siva
outlet. The same procedure will be repeated but vice versa upon completion of
the vehicle hire.


Behind a successful marketing mix, there lies a satisfied customer
which will turn out to become a repeat loyal customer for Siva. If a product or
service is delivered with all the characteristics hosted by the 7p`s, the
company will definitely reach competitive advantage and will account as one of
the best pick you up and take you back experiences a customer can undergo.



Question 02

The buyer’s
process involves a five-stage model which consumers undergo to ultimately
derive satisfaction from a particular product or service. A car rental company
like Siva should facilitate this process by providing the necessary information
about their product on their website and social media.

The first stage
is problem recognition whereby Siva identified one major hurdle that consumers
face when car renting. Considering a massive country like the UK, companies
operating in such markets, must make customers lives as easy as possible. The
problem/need might be travelers opting for a car to navigate through the city,
someone who has the car at the mechanic or some students preferring a car to
holiday around the city. By picking and taking back these customers at their
commodity, Siva is eliminating a major drawback where customers were being
pulled back by time and distance constrains.


The company must
make its position in the market recognizable. When potential and even existing
customers are searching through the car rental market, Siva must distinct
itself from its competitors and make sure that Siva is their choice. To make
this possible, Siva must make sure that information about the product can be reached
from many sources. With today’s rivalry in every market, customers are loaded
with tons of information which they generally ignore. Within this context, the
firm has to ensure that the message is distinct and stands out from others. This
message is to be transmitted through Online media, posters, word of mouth and
other alternatives which all ensure product reachability.


In today’s
extensive competition in every market, a company must be super- efficient in
differentiating itself from competition by offering extra benefits. With this
new proposition, Siva will create a new perception in the consumer’s mind where
they offer extra convenience and an effective method to pull customers to the
firm. It is also very important to make the customer wanting the product by
offering additional incentives other than competitor’s such as a loyalty card
scheme, discounts for frequent users and other promotional material. Siva can
work in conjunction with hotels, airlines and other direct intermediaries and
offer special all-inclusive packages for customers choosing to rent a vehicle
from Siva.


The ultimate
stage of the process is when the actual purchase takes place. The purchase must
be made as easy as possible for the customer. Using latest technology will
fasten this process and improve the brands way of delivering its service. In
today’s fast evolving globalization, the purchase can be made by just one click
on any time of the day. By offering online booking, Siva will target different
customers from all around the world.


To be a truly
marketing oriented company, post purchase evaluation stage is to be the main
highlight of this process.  After sales
surveys and feedback are of utmost importance to help in improving in certain
things or whether Siva is on the right track. This will enable the company to
progress in its service and leading to a satisfied customer who will return to
the company. Moreover, pleased customers will spread the word to family,
friends and social media. Eventually, Siva would have an increase in customers
by offering the best possible service.


Ultimately, this
process will put the customer to purchase the best possible product. Siva have
to give equal attention to each stage of the consumer buying behavior process
starting from the moment a person learns about Siva to the actual purchase and most
importantly, after sales service. This new proposition will attentively make this
process easy for customers to choose Siva as their rental car company.

























Question 03

To: Marketing Manager

From: Marketers

Title: Communicating “Pick You Up, Take You
Back” to established and potential customers

In any business,
to be able to reach your product or service to the final customer, firstly one
must identify suitable target audiences and then find ways through which the
message can be transmitted. The message must construct a positive brand image
to effectively enhance the position of the brand in the market.

Every type of
communication starts with a source. Siva have always had a primary objective,
that is to provide a better service to customers. This objective is the main
highlight of the “pick you up, take you back” service whereby customers will be
given a better service by providing transportation to a local Siva outlet and

Different target
audiences require different messaging formats but, at the end, all messages
will have the same meaning. Diverse advertising methods extends reachability adequately.
The message should be convincing, accurate and meaningful for multiple users to
understand and connect with. It will be communicated through words, pictures,
animations and sounds which pull potential and current customers.

Firms engaging in
constant innovation, must utilise different communication channels in order to
promote their new innovations. Due to increased technological dependence, Media
advertising is to be the main channel to reach various audiences. For example,
Facebook advertising have proved to be one of the most effective ways to reach,
basically everyone. Posters and billboards are other effective communication
tools to seek regular commuters in such a big country like the UK.

Siva should make
the prospect willing to learn more about this particular service. This will
automatically create a sense of a need or want in the consumers mind that will
potentially put the customer to rent a vehicle from Siva. An interesting advert
will definitely play an important role in getting customers to the organisation.

By engaging the
A.I.D.A process, action by potential customers can be influenced by an
attractive advertisement. Siva can use this practice to highlight the benefits
of ”pick you up, take you back” to develop interest and purchase activity.
The approach of communicating should attract customers, keeps the customer
interested, build-up desire of benefiting from the service and taking action by
purchasing ”Pick you up, take you back”. By this new service, Siva managed to
detect and solve a problem that was drawing back customers from using a rental
car. It’s not all about attracting customers but also to engage with them so
that they will arise interest about this service.


Using this
combination, Siva would be the ultimate choice for customers to experience and
enjoy a convenient and innovative service. Eventually, once customers come
across this service, they would spread the word and hopefully this would lead
to an increase in existing customers and most importantly, profits.



























Question 04

To: Marketing Manager

From: Marketers

Title: Building Customer Relationships and

Marketing is all
about building profitable, value laden customer relationships. Successful
firms, all have an integrated marketing strategy through which the company
obtains return on marketing investment. The pick up, take back marketing
campaign is a marketing effort whereby, Siva will be building more profitable
relationships in addressing such a drawback in the car rental market.

To spend hours
travelling across town to pick up a hire car is not utterly convenient.
Unfortunately, such customers were getting pushed away from using this service
and don’t even consider renting a car in such a big country like the UK. By
addressing this issue, the company have welcomed in many marketing
opportunities which will aid in achieving the company’s goals. It will also be
possible to target various markets. For instance, families with young children
and elderly people will surely be encouraged to travel stress-free. Local
people who have their car at the mechanic, don’t have to worry about wasting
time and money to travel to a local Siva outlet, the car will be found at their

Constantly designing
innovative marketing strategies, will allow the company to stay competitive in
the market. Siva’s primary aim is to improve the customer’s experience by
offering superior value and satisfaction leading to maximising profits and
enhancing their reputation. For this to be implemented, Siva’s employees will
be well trained and eagerly ready to assist the customer. The company’s assets
such as its luxury cars, modern offices and branches, effective intermediaries
and other market offerings will all aid to produce a better “pick you up, take
you back” service.

A company’s most
difficult goal may lie somewhere in between making effective profits and most
importantly, keeping existing customers to the organization. The key to create
existing customers is to build an efficient business to customer bond. One
factor is to involve the customer as much as possible by taking serious
attention to their feedback. Essentially, developing a memorable “pick you up,
take you back” experience, will definitely go beyond just making a sale.
Personalized attention to various target audiences will make the latter

By meeting
customer’s expectations, customers will tend to be loyal and return back to
benefit from the service. This will lead to an increase in long-term sales
whilst acquiring a bigger market share, making Siva ahead of competition. 


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