The this time, many Western countries also increased. Soviet

The Rally Palestinian
dispute has negatively affected the US economy in the past six decades and
continues to end US economic interests in the Middle East and other Islamic
countries around the world. For example, in 2002, as a response to the US
support for the Israeli attacks against the Palestinians in occupied territories,
many people stopped buying American products. According to the United States,
American businesses operating in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Persia have passed
since the end of September 2000 after the end of violence between Palestinians
and Israel. Before getting a new life in April 2008 The boy was a boy. It is
when millions of Arab users hate the Israeli military operations of six weeks
in the West, American branded household goods, toiletries, cosmetics, fast food
chains, soft drinks, toys, credit cards, cigarettes Dress up, and cars.
“In addition, since 1946, he adjusted Israel to inflation After finishing
$ 233.7 billion in aid. In addition, the American decision to defend militancy
during the October 1973 war caused Arab oil restrictions. During the oil rains,
oil prices lamp. One barrel of oil reached $ 12 instead of $ 3. In addition,
motorists had to wait for hours in order to get petroleum. The average American
and American economy and its western allies came to a huge price. Oil prices increased
due to reduction in all major industrial countries. For example, between US and
1973, 6 percent of the national national products decreased, unemployment
doubled, 9%. On the contrary, the former Soviet Union benefited from high oil
prices. Soviet sold oil to its traditional allies in the Middle East, and
during this time, many Western countries also increased. Soviet ability to
increase oil prices during the oil prices and Arab oil restrictions was allowed
to allow Soviet to buy large supply of basic facilities and to reach the Cold
War for a long time and as a result I have a great tension on the US economy.
The Israeli occupation comes on a huge economic basis for the Palestinians. The
United States has been supporting the United Nations Relief and Work Agency
(UNRWA) in the Middle East since 1950. America has been making more than 25%
refugee organization in its annual budget. In addition, the United States has
been financing the Palestinian National Authority since 1994. The end of
occupation and building a stable Palestinian state goes into hand with the
interests of American American security and will save the US economy billions
of dollars. Israeli Palestinian conflict affects the US economically, military,
and diplomatically. Israel can lead the peaceful solution to Palestinian
conflict and allow the Palestinian state to be created. Any Palestinian state
in the future is likely to suffice, the need for US aid needs to be reduced.
For example, only the future of the Jordan valley can provide future-free
Palestinian states, it needs to be viable with many economical resources.

It can work as a new
Palestinian state food basket, and to reduce the population’s population in
Palestinians occupied territories, enough fresh water and space to build cheap new
cities and cities. Is. With all these costs using its smart power tools and
effectively eliminating Israel’s Palestinian conflict. The United States can
raise its political support from the UN and allows a comprehensive solution
based on the UN resolutions. In addition, America can link its economic and
military aid to its determination according to the standards and standards of
human rights and demands Israel to respect international law. In addition, the
U.S. government blocks all the tax deductions from the Jews of the US Jehovah’s
Witnesses and insisted that no part should be made to strengthen the
occupation. Finally, the United States could limit the export of advanced
technology to Israel to limit its military edge and negotiate with Israeli settlement

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