The therefore adversely affect the development of a country

The UK Department for International development concentrates
on global problems such as disease and poverty all in part of achieving the
Millennium Developmental Goals. Emphasis has been placed on health systems,
Tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, maternal and child healthcare. Their proposed
studies have shown that over 2 billion people are infected by latent
tuberculosis. Malaria continues to be one of the leading causes of death in
children in Africa. They have established that over 34 million people are
living with HIV. The studies have shown that there is an increasing incidence
of noncommunicable diseases related deaths and are responsible for 3 out of 5
deaths. Women and young girls are not able to access and use effective family
planning methods thus leading unwanted pregnancies and 22 million unsafe
abortions. Access to healthcare still remains a challenge to the poor as over 1
billion people cannot bear the cost to get treatment. This disease burdens
therefore adversely affect the development of a country and the cost
implications are too high for developing countries.

The Clinical pharmacy program is focused on developing
clinical and leadership expertise that is geared towards eradicating
communicable and noncommunicable diseases. This is in line with the country’s
health sector strategic and investment plans geared towards eliminating
diseases, provision of essential health services, reducing health risk factors
and strengthening health sector collaboration. The plans are part of striving
to achieve the country’s Vision 2030 for health systems.

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Clinical skills will be applicable in analyzing patient
cases. I will focus on the best treatment options, improving adherence,
minimizing adverse effects of drugs and making considerations on the economic
status of the patient. Pharmaceutical skills will enable me to improve the
supply of medicines, ensuring rational use eventually increasing access to
medication. Hopefully, there will be an increased number of tuberculosis
patients completing treatment, increased number of HIV patients on treatment,
reduced mother to child HIV transmission, reduced number of unwanted pregnancies
and abortions, increased children immunizations and reduced incidence of
noncommunicable diseases. Leadership and management skills will aid me in
formulating strategies to strengthen our county’s health systems and how to
increase posting of skilled and motivated staff to the health centers and
dispensaries. This will ensure improved service delivery to patients. This will
improve the accessibility of health services, especially in the marginalized
areas, therefore addressing the issue of poor people not being able to access
qualified health practitioners to attend to them. I hope to participate in
research utilizing the skills I will have acquired to conduct studies on safe
and effective medication use, patient statistics in various medical conditions
such as HIV and cancer. I have been collecting data on medication use in
diabetics and hypertensive patients so I would like to continue with this
research which has already drawn an interest from the drug company Astra
Zeneca. The timeline for this research is 4 years.

The impact of my work could be measured by assessing the
health indicators such as the percentage of fully immunized children, the
percentage of Tuberculosis patients completing treatment, the percentage of HIV
patients on antiretroviral treatment. This analysis can be compared over the
years ensuing. The research work can be evaluated by reviewing the published

A typical beneficiary of my work will be a child whom
preventive immunizations, prevention of mother to child HIV transmission,
deworming and access to healthcare and medicines will give the child a higher
chance of survival by preventing premature deaths and an overall health



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