The The Wiccan belief of Summerland is like the



            For many who do not know, the Wiccan religion is not all
about spells, black cats, and candle circles. There is a deeper meaning and
belief tied into the very nature that is around them. Wiccans believe, like
some other religions, in the afterlife. While many still believe in that they
will return multiple times, many Wiccans do not take reincarnation seriously
for they believe in just the common existence they are in. Once a Wiccan dies they
go to their afterlife called the Summerland. The term “Summerland” is
well known and it’s the idea of a peaceful, pleasantly warm, garden-like or
meadow-like area where they reside in once they expire.

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            The Wiccan belief of Summerland is like the Valhalla for
the Vikings where the might warriors of old would go after they die. The idea
of Summerland is of a peaceful place where the soul journeys to grow and
prepare for rebirth in a new body. Some Wiccans also believe that Summerland is
a place of relaxation and rejuvenation where one goes to stay until they are
ready to be reborn. (Woodling, Thoron.
“What is The Summerland.” What is the Summerland?,

main questions non-Wiccans ask is what happens in between the rebirth. Many
Wiccans will tell people that the soul is relearning everything from its past
life; that it needs to be perfected for its next life. Wicca teaches that
reincarnation is the instrument through which our souls are perfected. Their
goal is to be reborn as many times as possible, depending on how they view the
number of times they are reborn, until perfection is achieved to which they
have learned all they need to know. (Ladyoftheabyss.
“Posts about Summerland on Witches Of The Craft®.” Witches Of The Craft,

course, the soul isn’t reborn right away. It may take day, month, are years
until the soul is reborn again. There is an interesting theory among many Wiccans
is that animals have souls. Many speculate if we will see our animal companions
in the afterlife. Some Wiccans believe that their friend will come back in
another animal body, or even as a human.

there are ‘soul-groups’ in which some Wiccans believe that many souls with
gather in the afterlife to learn from others who have gone to relax. These
group share their knowledge that they learned from the pervious lives to perfect
themselves not as individuals but as a group effort. Wicca believes that once a
person goes to Summerland, their energy is sexless, that their physical energy is

many newer Wiccans, who are not really tied to the belief of a peaceful,
beautiful land where these bodiless balls of energy are learning from their
past lives, they go and ask their questions to those who have believed in the
Wiccan practices for years. One woman accounted that, to give her mind that
need bridge of understanding she planted flowers. Perennial flowers.

writes, “These are perennials, they’ll keep coming back year after year, so I
can enjoy them over and over. So that’s when it clicked. If flowers can live,
die, and then come back again, then was it so farfetched that the human soul, a
witch’s soul, could do the same?” (“Wicca
101: The Summerland, The Winter land, and Reincarnation.” Wordsofawiccan, 9
July 2016,

teachings of Wicca also denounce hell and the never-ending punishment for one
lifetime of sin. Wicca teaches that instead of suffering because you did something
wrong, you will relive that life again to better yourself; to redeem your soul.
It will teach you humility.  

thing, a Wiccan cannot go against is the Wiccan rede. A passage of beliefs/teaching
that a Wiccan must follow. “Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad
and three times good. When misfortune is enow wear the star upon your brow. Be
true in love this you must do unless your love is false to you. These Eight
words the Rede fulfill: An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”.  That passage is to instruct Wiccans on that
you must do good in your lifetime, learn all you can, and do no harm to others.
You must honor the mother which is earth herself and that you must live free of
all negative thoughts/energy. (“Information
Categories.” Wiccan Rede | Full Version,

is polytheistic, and many Wiccans will  a
‘patron’ that is a patron God and matron Goddess of nature. There is no rule
saying one person can have just one patron. Some people even have as many as
five. The benefit of being in a relationship with patrons is that it gets fully
developed. In your worship and serving your patron Gods, you get to know them
as they grow with you. They take you under their wing and will teach you a
great deal over time so that you can learn many lessons from them. To honor
your patrons, they may ask you to set up a shrine or a place to worship them privately.
There are many books published on the many forms and names of the gods or

a Wiccan dies its like most normal burials only instead of an airtight casket, they
choose green or eco-friendly burial customs. The person to be buried is wrapped
only in cloth to allow the body to decompose naturally and as quickly as
possible. Wiccans also encourage cremation as opposed to the use of traditional
harsh embalming fluids. As for their numbers it is actually quite shocking to
learn that there is a possible number of three million Wiccans who still practice
the art of witchcraft.

Christian practices have adopted the belief of angels and demons, good and
evil, Wiccan differ on their views based on the person. There are those who
believe in spirit guides; existential beings who’ve achieved enlightenment and
exist to guide each person on their journey to enlightenment. Demons, who are considered
tainted souls corrupted by hate, greed and sorrow of their old life; seek to
sway souls from learning from their mistakes.

             Because of
reincarnation, the Wicca don’t fear death as an end. The days of their past life
on Earth are forever behind them. It is a door. When one door closes, another
opens into a new life. Their very lives are symbolically linked with the
endless cycles of the seasons which shape our planet. Reincarnation is as real
as a plant that buds in the Spring, flowers in the Summer, drops its seed in
the Autumn, withers in the winter and then creates a new plant in its image
come the following Spring. (“Sojourn in
the Summerlands | The Definitive Funeral Planning and Information Resource.”,


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