The that there are more malls than public parks

The mall is a
constant staple for Filipino citizens, its pristine marble floors, rows and
rows of clothes, exquisite scents from restaurants, a shocking blur of
different colors, advertisements, services, tired escalators and general
surrounding noise. In a world full of pollution and desecration it is sharp
perfection sealed in bubble-wrap.


Philippines’ house
three of the world’s largest shopping centers, two of them in the capital,
Manila. Different steel structures and moderns glass pitted against older,
fading buildings that are spread across the archipelago.  Studies show that more than 26 million
Filipinos remain poor with almost half or a little more than 12 million living in
extreme poverty and lacking the means to feed themselves yet malls in the
Philippines are crowded at all times and especially packed on weekends. “Around
80 percent of the Philippines’ population go shopping centers and around 36
million people visit shopping plazas once or twice a month, according to
Nielsen Media Research”

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Personally, the
mall that is often visited by millennials or rather students of St. Scholastica
is in Makati specifically Glorrietta, Greenbelt, SM Makati  one of the trendiest spots for millennials to
shop is in Makati where a chain of malls is built around each other


Shopping malls
invades the senses, purchasing power being emphasized, messages and carefully
stylized images to seduce consumers wherever the eyes may fall. There is
everything that I could possibly want yet little I may need. It is the heart
and soul of communities, the foundation of retail economies and a hang-out
place for millions of families and friends. Evidenced by the fact that there
are more malls than public parks or pools. Manila may hay have a handful of
must see landmarks and museums but they do not offer the same convenience and
comfort as malls usually do.  As such,
casual observer might actually believe that the Philippines is a prosperous and
rich country where average Filipinos can afford to experience even a sliver of
the lifestyle that these décors suggest. Only a 10-minute drive along the
streets will show the divide that separates the rich from the poor, this divide
only keeps on growing and malls are a physical manifestation of this gap. The
more exclusive the mall, the bigger, more expensive and more decorated its
walls. Enticing with hundreds of people with sales each pursuing their shopping
obsession with material possessions. 
Unfamiliar faces one after the other. The capitalistic artifice,
blooming and booming with the sporadic wave of people. New stores, new venues,
new trends. Oblivious to the hectic outside world.


A storm of global
trends is coming together at the same time to cause malls to alter the role
they play in people’s lives Fully equipped to enjoy with family and friends,
food, clothes, movies, appliances, school supplies, footwear, sports gear all
that entertains. I myself, going through security filled entrances with the
guards not quite doing their best in their jobs. Greenbelt is this mall I
travel to looking like a mall within a garden because wandering through I
notice the modern style of the buildings, nature and culturally inspired
figurines and sculptures that seamlessly build together. Chapels nearby for
those who are wanting to worship in the middle of frenzied shopping. I have
only with me a bag and a wallet passing through neon panels all by myself with
mannequins who look down at me. You can by summer dresses on 50 percent off
while others are marked up at a premium. I am no different, my eyes jump from
window to window, face to face and all that will be left is a few change and
spare being caught up in confusion my mind working overtime to take it all in.

“Two please” “Wil these be all” “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”. The exit
sign shining a vibrant green, we all go home as mannequins faceless and frozen
just remaining on display.


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