The system works with the basic components that gets

The world nowadays is
experiencing the issues of their eye getting radiated by the unknown radiation
of gadgets that causes minor or can be major effect to how we see today. It is
currently unknown that gadgets will have an irradiated wave that causes damage
our eye in the way that no ones know or rather how phones can create radiation
waves in the first place. In this essay, we going to explain on how the gadgets
works that causes this wave to appear directly in front of our eyes, how we
could eventually reduce this cause that will lead world first radiation free


Radiation can appear in many
ways such as sunlight’s, nuclear reactors, and the most common one, everyday
gadgets. This machines relay on how normal system works with the basic
components that gets this gadget running, especially when accessing

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usually all modern gadgets
this days are trying to reduce the amount of radiation on their smart homes and
computer to reduce problems that can occur with the eye sights or any other
illness that can occur while using those gadgets. although those gadgets might
occur some random diseases, it’s not 100% that people can be affected to this
sort of stuffs. It’s either they’re resistance enough to the radiation or they
already get use to their own situation


This topic is interesting to
research for me because I want to know how people that have regularly using
gadgets have any difference of their eyesight comparing when they haven’t even
touch or use a computer or a smartphone. This test the amount of flexibility of
the eyesight that occur on the focus control when doing various task. This
could help aware the possibility of reducing the amount of citizen have problems
in terms of seeing certain information or object.

Eye are commonly used for
people to see their surrounding in terms of looking for information towards our
daily lives, and it’s crucial for people to keep their eyes healthy in order to
avoid any unusual condition within the eyes that can lead to blindness. It’s
all based on how people their eyesight for and what purpose. Almost most of the
time, eyesight is used in everyday life such as keeping eye on a road, reading
a book and more. Even Though people are trying to be careful how to handle
their eyesight. People doesn’t seems to care about the dangers of using
eyesight for something else rather than the action that required most of
people’s eyesight, like driving a vehicle is the most important. Because it
risk the life of the driver and themselves.


Technology have been evolving
throughout the centuries, from the first lightbulb invented by Thomas alfa Edison
To the first cell phone created by Motorola employee Martin Cooper on April 3, 1973. And it has been our go
to access in terms of communication, quick access to internet, and many more.
And most of the population in the world have this type of their lives.
But the most common gadgets that people have are both laptop and smartphones.
Both smartphones and laptops have a different operating system. For laptops and
smartphone, an apple operating system and one is windows operating system.
These two has a specific type to tell a difference. For apple product, it’s run
by an iOS operating system for the smartphone and Mac OS X for laptop. And for Microsoft
product, it’s run, by a Windows operating system for laptop and an android for


Although technology have been around the world for a long time, but
there are risk of having gadgets been used all the time. Commonly every
signaled gadgets leaves a small radiation that can lead to a lot of tragic
diseases that might eventually risk your life to the point of death. But I’m going
to talk about only the common risk of using too much laptop and smartphones
which is hurting the eyesight. But not all people are affected with the
radiation of the phones so i’m going to narrow the gadgets down to windows
computer and Samsung Galaxy smartphones to see of they have different results
or not.

Technology in this world comes from machines, parts, automation that
combine into single product that allows the user to access and use easily and safely
as possible. It also required some programing and coding to tell the system to
do for a certain activity that the user wants to do. It’s all based on the
system functionality that rely the action of a person needs and presented in
front of their eyes. It takes a lot of testing and programing to make sure that
the finish product will be secure as possible without the result of errors in
the system or eventually blows up.


Gadgets also been equipped with a low frequency wavelength that allows
the phones to access sorts of signal like making a call, receiving a message,
and even accessing the internet. This is very useful to everyone because they
can access to online information, make communication with other people simpler
with just a push of a button. But this also cause a small radiation that could
harm the user when frequently used.


Radiation is a high frequency waves that travel around the air and
usually been generated by the sunlight and into the earth, but the amount of
radiation was reduced upon entering the atmosphere thanks to the ozone layer
that surround the earth that acts as a barrier to protect the earth from high
level content of radiation to the earth. But gadgets also emitting low
frequency radiation through phones, laptops, microwaves and more which if it
was close to your body, it will be dangerous for the person’s body and health.

are design to be a portable computer that allow the user to carry around anywhere
they go and access easily with the same feature as a normal computer. The only
difference between a computer and a laptop is laptop combine all the component
into one singular computer, making it portable. Laptops is able to hold the same
amount of storage space as a computer does meaning that user can move all of their
data to the laptop if they want to continue their work somewhere else rather
than home. But there are disadvantages of laptops that may be harmful to user’s
health conditions, one of which is radiation that have been emitting from laptops.


The radiation
that have been emitting form laptops is usually not harmful but when laptops
are put close to contact to the user’s body usually putting over their laps, that’s
where the radiation is most dangerous. The reason behind it is the equipment
that are inside the laptops which what’s keeps it’ running functional generate
heat and frequency that comes form the circuits, generating radiation that
could go through to the user’s body and leaving dangerous diseases inside. Commonly
hurting their eyesight if used too long.

Smartphones has a similar
feature as laptop does, but the difference is that smartphones are easier to
use and have more feature in it like making a phone call, apps that laptops can’t
use or be access and easier to be carry around since the size of a smartphone
is similar as a normal cell phone which can be inserted to the user’s pockets.


But the risk of came in
contact with radiation is more frequent since smartphones uses more signals that
have been transmitted like Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Cellular data, most of which
generate more radiation rather than laptops.


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