The study is significant because of the following

The study is significant because of the following;
1. This study would provide an overview of innovative techniques to improve the teaching and learning environment, the teaching of skills and to improve the professional competence of teachers and to restructure the traditional implementation of the system.
2. The study should provide guidelines to all those concerned with the development of teachers’ teaching skills.
3. The study is likely to be useful for foreign agencies and students who are interested in studying problems and problems related to elementary education in Pakistan.
4. This research study will be useful for researchers in evaluating the effectiveness of primary school teachers trained with and without continuing education.
5. This research study will help teachers review their existing programs and address future educational challenges.
The study was delimited to the following;
1. Government and Private schools (male and female) were included in the study.
2. Trained primary school teachers with in-service training of at least two weeks were included in the study.
3. Only these schools have been taken to study where a teacher has the
On-the-job training required for his credit and another qualified teacher
without continuing education was also available there.


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