The protection of domestic natural resources. Peru have also

The Deep
Sea has become a hotbed for exploration in recent years as countries vie for
territorial influence and the prospect of positive economic effects. While the
Deep Sea has proven to be necessary in the advancement of scientific research,
Deep Sea Mining remains a crucial area of contention due to potential economic
benefits and the possibility of conflict between countries. 

involvement in deep sea activities has been a rather fruitful one. Indeed, the
seas of Peru have continuously provided economic opportunities for Peru. A case
in point would be the extraction of copper minerals which contributed 1.7$
billion in exports in 2016. For these reasons, Peru is committed in the
prevention of mineral exploitation for it poses a significant threat to
volatile metal and mineral prices and thus, Peru’s highly mineral-dependent

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are resolved to move forwards despite being cognisant of the huge technical
challenges of mining resources off the deep ocean. This could be largely
attributed to the convergence of factors such as the growing global demand for
speciality metals, geopolitical interests in the case of the conflict in the
South China Seas as well as the shift of technological advances in the oil and
gas industry into deeper seas.

Peru has
attempted to rectify these issues through the employment of various measures.
Firstly, Peru has recently made headways in the protection of domestic natural
resources. Peru have also been an active participant in international
organizations such as UNCLOS. Furthermore, Peru is committed to maximize social
and environment benefits of its sectors through the sustainable harnessing over
natural resources.

much remains to be done and indeed, the cooperation of SPECPOL alongside
several countries and international bodies is quintessential in preventing the
escalation of irreversible impacts to our oceans. With regards to the
prevalence of the deep-water explorations and eventual mineral extraction,
SPECPOL could assist the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in the
development of a legal framework to establish strong sets of mechanism and
regulation to protect the marine environment and its biodiversity, ensure fair
allocation of benefits for the current generation and generations beyond. Most
importantly, ensure that extreme caution is taken by countries and firms in
conducting deep-sea exploration. In addition, SPECPOL could increase
accountability by demanding thorough production checks should the extraction of
minerals become feasible, in the eventual possibility of increased transparency
and assurance that the exploitation of resources will not take place.

questions for the need for deep sea exploration and its consequences on the
planet and mankind must be therefore be addressed alongside the possibility of
sustainable alternatives.


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