The protected planet, peace and prosperity, listed 17 global

The goals can be understood into
two areas as social and environmental. Social goals are aimed to meet least and
basic requirement for people. The goals are to maintain the world and earth to
be safe planet even though human economy activities through the entire world.
To set up the what most people desire as no poverty, protected planet, peace
and prosperity, listed 17 global goals are designed from ground to make sure
the target is cleared stated. The social goals and vice versa can not be
delivered without environmental goals.


The role of investors:

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The financial system consists of kinds of roles –
including regulators, banks, insurance companies, stock and bond trade and all
kinds of market investor. Herein, the investors include institutional investors
and individual investors provide millions of job opportunities to common


there would be difference from investor to invest the low carbon economy and
actual investment since cost, interest, local governance and kind of different
fact, so there are also possibilities low carbon economy are executed in
different way. Therefore the investor could definitely play positive role to
influence to convince company evaluating risk and opportunities from climate
change into daily process and operation to maintain low carbon economy into
daily life, and also to include such statement of risk and opportunities into
the quarterly, yearly analysis report for example annual financial report to
state the role of low carbon economy’s impact in short and long term to
company, country and whole society, which is also summary of investment
strategy execution in the high level.


The opportunities that creates for business:

The opportunities are huge to all
the industries through all kinds from financial, manufacturing, retail business
and so on, the drive to meet low carbon economy and the UN Sustainable
Development Goals will demand innovation, improve the public image, produce the
long-term development impact to the society and families through investor,
employee and consumer.

With new opportunities, the whole
world already see so many new industries developed in fast and booming speed in
both developing countries and developed countries, for example new energy
automotive new player like Tesla, BYD and NIO, new shared transportation
industry player Uber and Lyft, and all kinds of innovation initiatives to
upgrade traditional industry manufacturing, inventory process to more
efficient, green and environmental direction, which bring people’s job to kinds
of new opportunities to challenge existed business model.

Especially for those developing countries who suffered
with pollution in the industrialization activities like China, who has defined
the environmental protection from national level with kinds of investment
funds, which has been creating new growing business to compete the traditional
industry countries like Europe and America, in another word, national investment
strategy has impacted whole countries’ development and GDP number in the end to
green, efficient and future direction


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