The process of transferring information from the sender to the receiver through a medium is termed communication

The process of transferring information from the sender to the receiver through a medium is termed communication, communicated information must be understood by both parties involved to be considered effective. (Mass Tapfuma, 2013) Communication is regarded as the life blood of any organization, as it serves almost the same purpose as that of blood in a human. In humans blood transports oxygen and distributes warmth, in an organization communication distributes information either formally or informally. For an organization like Pick n Pay communication is vital as it helps in the decision-making process, response to market changes, increasing productivity, increasing customer satisfaction and effective coordination. The very success of an organization is built upon effective communication. It establishes relationship between the superior and the subordinate, and the quality of relationship revolves around the nature of communication. Poor communication within an organization can lead to disastrous effects.
Management needs to communicate policy, instructions, objectives and goals so that all employees will understand and accept them. When employees have the necessary information needed to perform a task their efficiency increases. There is no room for misinterpretation of orders and instructions because they will be clearly provided using the appropriate medium of communication. Communication boosts staff confidence as they know what is expected of them and they will approach the task with confidence knowing every step to successfully complete the task. Security personnel know that their responsibility is to make sure there is minimum shoplifting, floor cleaners and merchandisers know that the shelves and floors should be neat and clean. This attracts customers as no one likes shopping in an untidy dirty shop, it also keeps the council and responsible authorities away.
Time wasting is, and misunderstanding is minimised, and task are prioritized based on the employer’s frame work guidance. Motivation is achieved as the organisation people will interact through group discussions. Sense of belonging and feeling important will be created and this motivates according to the Maslow Hierarchy of needs. When lower management ideas are implemented there is a sense of self-actualization that rises and will motivate staff to work more. This generally increases labour productivity (Farquharson, 2010 p.g 228). Sales will increase as the workers are happy to work and improve their services. Happy workers around the store will make customers feel comfortable and make them happy as well since happiness is contagious. The final test of all communication is whether it produces the desired results quickly and correctly. Communication is an idea transplant
Communication between shop floor staff and customers is vital for any business especially retail outlets like Pick N Pay. Shop floor assistants are trained on how to communicate with customers in a professional friendly manner. They are ready to provide information about every product in their store. It might the location on shelves or on how to use them especially electrical gadgets. This makes shopping in such an environment easy and convenient. The way customers are treated at till points as well is just of royalty. This adds satisfaction of doing business with Pick N Pay. Employees have certain protocol in place to resolve any conflicts if they should occur. In such environments customers where customers are treated well they tend to share with friends, family and colleagues. This is free advertising gained by Pick N Pay from treating their customers well. However, if anything small goes wrong, communication will come into play but having adverse effects on the retail. The customers will effectively communicate their bad experiences to other stakeholders and the Retail must respond swiftly. This communication increases customer satisfaction and convenience (Doucette, 2018)
When making decisions communication must be effective. Pick N Pay Is a franchisor it must communicate well with the franchisees on what they are expected to ensure that standards do not drop in one area thereby tarnishing the whole image of the retail. Meetings must be held when making decisions like where to open or set up a retail and when to do that. Without proper channels of communication decisions made will be affected negatively. Also, the whole organisation should be able to know what decision they are expected to make given their level of authority. The top management will not be expected to make decisions like authorising a void transaction these are line managers decisions. Some decisions must be discussed by the board weighing the pros and cons to determine whether they are good for the business. Some decisions must be made after engaging stakeholders. For instance, in some Arabic countries alcoholic products are not allowed and Pick N Pay must communicate with the government of the nation to have such information.
Business firms must send information about their goods and services to stakeholders. They do so by advertising, publicity, personal selling and other sales promotional techniques. In the case of Pick n Pay its ability to recreate long term sustainable value depends on open and constructive communication with every stakeholder interested in its business. This provides Pick n Pay with the necessary information about all aspects of trading and gives them time and the platform to respond to market changes efficiently. They will continue to inform producers and suppliers what the customer and government is expecting them to or not sell. It might be costly to do so but the non-financial gains outweigh the financial benefits. In Zimbabwe the selling of genetically modified organisms is prohibited by the health and safety act whereas in South Africa it is allowed. As a result, Pick n Pay should be able to know these differences in laws and regulation’s this is achieved through effective communication. Without such vital information the retail might end up in trouble with the authorities and losing huge amounts of money through fines.
The importance of communication can never be over emphasized. Communication is the life blood of all organizations. Over the years the success of Pick n Pay is directly proportional to the level of communication maintained by it. Within an organization effective inter-personal relationship are possible only if communication skills are cultivated. Good communication skills places Pick n Pay in the correct slot within the society. The image of the organization depends upon its ability to communicate with, the society around it. Communication is avital tool that helps in establishing, running, producing and marketing of goods by commercial establishments. Workers will not be able to turn out a good product and the customer will not be able to buy a product however good it is, until each other is convinced to do so through effective communication.


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