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The scientific method is the foundation of all science and has established the laws of the physical and natural world we adhere to today.  The scientific method proposes that a question should be formed, evidence gathered, and a hypothesis tested.  Hence, let’s break down the existence of God in this way.  The question posed here is stated: Does God exist?  The evidence to be gathered, however, is not so easily discoverable.  Acceptable evidence for testing a hypothesis is either observable or tangible of God, in and of Himself, is neither.  Therefore, when we form the hypothesis for either side of this question: If God exists or God does not exist, the latter is clearly the only choice as there is no acceptable scientific evidence for the His existence. _____________
The existence of God is proven through the very concept that claims to disprove Him: the natural sciences and the scientific method.  The scientific method, which is the basis of all science and has established all of the natural laws we abide by today is not the only way to discover actuality, which is the very laws that govern our universe.  The scientific method denies the existence of God because it presupposes that all discoverable truth, which are natural laws, are revealed through observation and experimentation.  However, the scientific method utilizes that which is neither observable nor testable.  (a)  Logic, for example, is a matter of philosophy and is not testable or visible, but is needed to establish the steps of the scientific method.  For example, if I were to hypothesize that there are fish in the ocean, the logical means to test this would be to gain evidence: cast a net into the water.  Logic is what tells me I need gain evidence in order to prove or disprove my hypothesis.  Clearly, because the entire basis of the scientific method depends on another truth which it did not in fact discover, the scientific method cannot be and is not the only way to discover absolute truth about the world.  Since we know that truth is discoverable without the scientific method, we are able to take the natural science of creation at face value. The accepted theory of how the universe was created is commonly known as the “Big Bang” 


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