The map is made up of different sections

The map is made up of different sections:
• the eight behaviors that make up the outer circle describes the behaviors that needs to carry out. Each behaviour is described at the four bands of professional competence and the transitional challenges faced when moving from one band to next. The bands define the contribution that was made at every career stages.
• the ten professional areas inside the map which describes what need to be done and know for each area of HR profession at four bands of each professional competence. The final two professional, sitting at the heart of the map, are recognized as two core areas. They apply to all HR professionals.

For this assignment, 3 professional areas – Insights, Strategies and solutions, Leading HR and Organisation Design are covered.

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Insight, Strategies and Solution
Knowledge – need to integrate data to develop insights into organisation and the way it works

Skills – knowledge of project management and relevant employment legislation to support the development, delivery and evaluation of HR Programmes.

Behaviors – to work with colleagues and managers to develop shared insights and priorities.


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