The main concepts of this story are Sherman Alexie’s experience of learning to read

The main concepts of this story are Sherman Alexie’s experience of learning to read, the authority of words, Sherman Alexie’s understanding overwhelming variety and his track to victory. The section initiates with him schooling himself to read using a Superman comic book. He could not read the words but, used his mind to create a discussion he held went along with the images. He progressive in this subject understanding widely overhead his age group. The story drives into him being against by his upper class and teachers. His capacity disregarded due to the detail he is a Native American from prearrangement. He persecuted because of his intelligence. He had the feeling he was probably going to fail but chosen to overcome that expectation by working hard. It originally planned on becoming a pediatrician; then, after becoming cowardly during his composition classes he remained tired of writing. He likes to visit schools to teach inventive writing to Native American kids. The kids he is teaching are surpassing. Many remain writing their stories and poems and reading several books.
Sherman Alexie was concerned in reading at a early aged. He remarks his mom and siblings but writes an entire passage about his dad and his love of reading. This reveals to the readers that this had a great influence on his lifetime, even if he did not comprehend it at the time. He inscribes about his youthful saying: “We lived on a combination of irregular paychecks, hope, fear, and government surplus food.” (pg. 1).
This sentence gives the readers the logic that perchance he lived in a dysfunctional household, and his youthful was angaged with unpredictability. One believed would remain that he used interpretation as a method of constancy.
Sherman Alexie educated himself to recipe using a Superman comic book. He inscribes approximately not considerate the descriptions that went laterally with the images but using his thoughts to generate his discussion for the story. He also, inscribes Superman breaking down gates and uses that as a comparison for his knowledge in schooling himself to read.
This gives the effect that learning to read opened an entirely new world to him. It also, gives the impression Superman was more than just a character to him but maybe a positive role model. He inscribes about individuals having low prospects for him (including his colleagues and instructors).
He had thirstiness for knowledge. It also elected to overcome that anticipation, to break down the gate.
Despite the fact, it is not what he initially planned to do with his lifetime, Sherman Alexie has developed a published author and has gained many rewards for his effort. He visits schools on reservations as frequently as possible schooling imaginative writing to Native American kids. This displays he has logic of giving back to the community. He might have taken his achievement and not watched back so to say but has elected to show other people that they do not have to admit low potentials, judgment, or defeat. They too have the abilities to break down gates. On the reading, it is well-defined he has a super logic of self-importance for the kids he is teaching on the school work and their happenings. In conclusion “Superman and Me” is a inspiring story written by a inspirational individual. The fact alone he educated himself to read, mainly at such a young age is incredible. It would have remained easier for him to give in to the low capacities and prejudice people were holding against him, but he elected not to gave in, to worked hard to gain the achievement. Various individuals would have classified with this and use his imagination, work ethic and drive for achievement as inspiration


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