The magnetic field). Magnets are made out of iron,

        The changing magnetic field of Earth is affecting our climate. To be sure, the pressure and configuration of the outer and inner core can be led to convection currents in the molten metal and there would be a change in weather. The dense matter sinks and the less dense matter rises. Although, scientists mistakenly thought the increase of CO2 was researched to be the main cause of climate changes (What causes the Earth’s magnetic field).

            Magnets are made out of iron, steel, copper, there are two poles; one positive pole, one negative pole. If two negative pole or two positive pole are facing each other, they would repel each other; and if a positive and a negative facing each other, they would attract because “a positive and a negative together becomes neutral” (Hann, 160). Thus, magnetism is an aspect of combined electromagnetic, a magnetic field sends out a force of particles in the field, which is called the Lorentz force law (Lucas). In particular, the act of electricity charged particles applies rise to magnetism. Earth is a giant magnet, electric currents move around inside the outer core and into a giant Solenoid (Hann, 161). Geomagnetic field is another name for magnetic field related to Earth (Earth’s magnetic field). Also, “It primarily is dipolar” (McPherron), there are two sides to the pole; a north, and a south.

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            The heart of Earth is a solid inner core about 2/3 the size of moon. Also, this is composed mostly of iron that is about 5700ºC which is about the same temperature such as the sun’s surface (What causes the Earth’s magnetic field).. The inner core is solid because the very strong pressure of gravity prevents it from being a liquid form (What causes the Earth’s magnetic field). Right after the inner core, there is the outer core. This outer core is 2000 km layers of iron, nickel, and little quantities of other types of metal (What causes the Earth’s magnetic field). Also, the outer core has less pressure than the inner core and the metals are fluid. Adding to that, the flow of the iron fluid can create electric currents which then makes the magnetic fields. In fact, the charged particles create their own electric current, then having enough charged particles to create another electric cycle, it turns into a magnetic field, and the charged particles create their own electric current again and the cycle continues. The cycle (self-sustaining loop) is called geodynamo. Combining the geodynamo into a large geodynamo, that will be Earth’s magnetic field.

            The change of Earth’s magnetic field is more affected by the upper atmosphere, which is 100-500 km above the surface of Earth (What causes the Earth’s magnetic field). They are charged portions which are also known as ionosphere. The change affects many “satellite-based technology” (British Antarctic Survey). The global navigation systems and “high-frequency radio communication system” (BAS) are also affected by the change of the magnetic field of Earth. The computer simulations are very important due to tracking the causes of the climate change. Therefore, when the Earth’s magnetic field affects the satellite-based technologies, there will be a little lack of tracking the climate changes. Earth’s magnetic field changes frequently caused by cooling over areas of North America but warmed in other areas of the world because this is affected by the change of the Earth’s magnetic field all the way from the beginning due to the CO2 that a lot of things create, and also human beings.

            The changing magnetic field of Earth is affecting the climate. Therefore, given these points and knowledge about the Earth’s magnetic field and how it affects the climate, and a short explanation of the core of the Earth and what magnetism is. Perhaps, in the future, there can be many ways to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air from natural and human sources and sustain a stable and expectable climate change from the Earth’s magnetic field. By all means, Earth’s magnetic field has actually changed the climate a lot, mostly the impact from the very large magnetic field known as the Earth’s magnetic field.

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