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The article The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders around the World-Sunnie Giles, talks about the qualities that make an effective leader. To narrow down on the same the author has done a survey of 195 leaders in fifteen countries and across thirty organizations. A list of seventy four competencies were created out of that fifteen had to be chosen as per preference.Out of all the competencies the foremost preferred one was strong Ethics and ethical standards. As perceived by the top managers, Ethics and morals is given additional preference compared to the other competence like self-organizing, economical learning and nurturing growth.The below graphs shows the preferences of the top managers from a pool of seventy –two competencies. Demonstrates strong ethics and provides a sense of safetyThe theme combines the most highly rated attributes – high moral and ethical standards, sixty seven of the individuals selected them as the most significant. As one progresses in his/her career the competencies connected the talent to go a few task and execution of the task are relatively less distinctive in assessment of an individual. However, the real distinction in a leader is determined once it befalls upon him create a safe and trusting setting for his subordinates. In safe environment employees can relax, work at brain’s higher capacity for social engagement, innovation, ambition and creativity. Key to this is behaving in a way that is consistent with your values. If at any point of time you find yourself making decisions that are not aligned with your principle and causing you discomfort, there is a need to reconnect with core values. For this Sunnies has given a simple exercise “Deep Fast Forwarding” – To envision your funeral and what people say about you in a eulogy. Do you want to hear this? This exercise will give clear idea what is important to you and will have help to take decision that are aligned with your core values. Fosters a sense of communication The Next on the list is communication. This can also increase the feeling of safety in staff. It’s extremely necessary for a leader to clearly communicate his desires and expectations to their subordinates. This would enable them to foster associate environment wherever every employee can work with peace of mind and a relaxed state of mind. This would invoke the brain’s higher capability for social engagement, innovation, creativity, and ambition.The article talks about the theory of neurobiology that talk about the relevance of the atmosphere or the work culture of an employee. It says that if a person doesn’t feel comfortable then the body responds by triggering a fight or flight response.This response is shown by hardening of the arteries and thickening to handle the increased blood flow to the system so the access to the social engagement system is lost.Empowers others to self -organizeThe next most important leadership competency identifies was empowers others to self- organize. The article discusses about a leader’s quality to encourage teammates to self-organize. This trait is very important as it’s critical to decentralize power as one alone cannot do the entire work on his own. The organizations where employees are more empowered are the ones which are more productive, proactive, provide better customer service and have high levels of job satisfaction. There is a catch to this quality, only a strong leader who has confidence that his giving away power would not lead to a decline in his leadership. It is advised to perceive threat of losing power as a fight, flight or freeze. Shows openness to new ideas and fosters organizational learningLeaders which welcome new ideas and foster innovation into their organization are preferred in organizations especially in the startups where innovation is the key to climb up the ladder of success. These leaders empower their employees so that they are not scared of failure. Also Failure is required for learning, but the continuous chase for success hampers innovations sometimes. To encourage employees for learning , a leader should be open themselves, adopting approach of problem solving discussion and giving fair chance to everyone to speak, it will lead to pool of greater diversity of ideas. There is a need to balance between innovation and a number of failures that one has to face. Fostering a sense of connection in employeesIt has been found according to a research that productivity is enhanced when employees feel a sense of belonging in the organization Humans are a social species and a sense of belonging and connection foster a positive environment. Leaders with such quality are hired for a reason to increase engagement of employees. Some simple ways to connect with employees are smiling at people, calling them by name and also remembering their interests. Also using a song, motto, chant that uniquely identifies your teams also strengthens your connection with them.  AnalysisThe article by Sunnie can be critically analyzed through the lens of Trait Theory of leadership. Trait theories of leadership identify the specific personality traits that distinguish leaders from non-leaders. They are based on the premise that leaders are ‘born, not made’ (i.e., that leadership is largely innate, rather than being developed through learning). According to this theory, leaders have certain traits which make them a good leader.  The trait theory believes that one has to have traits to even be a leader leave alone being an effective one.

Trait theory is supported by the author when he lays out seventy four traits for respondents to decide on from rather than the betting on simply a single one. This article is demarcates the traits into many groups and so measures the relative importance of those traits within the leadership form of the individual.

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