The health triangle consists of three sides

The health triangle consists of three sides; social health, physical health, and mental
health. It is very important to have the sides on you health triangle equal. Without all of the sides being equal it will not only affect that 1/3 but will throw off the other 2/3’s as well. To have a healthy health triangle all sides must be the same. I don’t have a very healthy triangle so this paper is about why my triangle is off and what I am doing to fix it.
First part of the health triangle I am going to talk about is the social health side. Social skills are determined by how well you get along with people, how many friends you have and how long you have had them. I lack in this side because, although I have three very good friends that I have been out with on a regular basis for years now, I have trouble getting along with people. I tend to not put up with people’s “stupidity” and even though they might be great and fun I can’t get over their “stupidity”. I also secretly hold grudges. I am working on trying to improve this side by learning to forgive and coping with differences.
As far as physical health goes this side is barely there. I have a terrible immune system and seem to be always sick. Getting enough exercise after getting better and then putting my grades back up is difficult for me. I also take anti depressant medication whose side effect is weight gain and drowsiness. (Explained in the next paragraph. Shows how each side of the triangle can affect one another.) I plan to change my physical triangle by not only scheduling my time better but by enrolling in a gym that I will do with my mom for support. I have also talked to my doctor about my physicality and have switched to a medication with barely any side effects at all. Hopefully my physical side will become more even with my two other sides.
Mental health deals with the way you look and feel about yourself, how much you can cope with daily demands and how much stress you have, your ability to process information. I can’t really tell you how strong my mental side of my triangle is. On one hand I am taking College Biology, College English, College Algebra 2/ Calculus, a Library Media and Research class on top of my other high school classes. I currently have a 4.0 and have little to know trouble learning what is expected of me, therefore, I don’t have trouble processing information. On the other hand I currently suffer with depression and an acute case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and have to take an anti-depressant everyday to help stop both. Therefore I don’t know what’s going on there. I am trying to fix the depression obviously by taking medication.
The health triangle is a big part of everyone’s life and is a basic outline of how healthy a person is. In this paper I showed you how the health triangle influences my life and how I am trying to fix my triangle. Hopefully you have learned what the sides mean, how each of them influences your life, and how important it is to have a healthy triangle so that you can change yours before it is too late.


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