The four pillars

The four pillars (scholarship, leadership, character, and service) of NHS, are all essential to being a member of the society.
The most important pillar in my opinion is character. Our character compromises of not only what we show to others but also who we are when no one is watching. Character is something that individualizes every person. It is developed through making the correct choices on a daily basis and working diligently towards the right pathway. People with excellent character possess qualities such as responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, caring, and fairness. If one possesses good character they will also have the other pillars. A superior character is required to be an excellent leader and scholar.
The next pillar, leadership is also very significant. Leaders sacrifice their interests for the betterment of the group. Successful leaders are self confident and bring forth positive changes.
After leadership, comes the next pillar service. I believe that people all around the world have much more in common than they realize. Therefore, pondering on trivial differences should not be the goal of my generation. The purpose of providing services should be to help those in need, solely because it’s the right thing to do. Over the recent years I’ve volunteered through my vacations for almost 500 hours at our ethnic community service center. During this time, I performed various tasks ranging from helping the elderly to serving food and cleaning afterwards. Service should be performed with a kind attitude and nothing should be expected in return. Being a part of NHS would allow me to partake in more opportunities to be grateful and give back to the community.
The last pillar, scholarship is something that’s also important, but not when compared to the others. Scholarship is characterized by being fully devoted to academics and putting forth the time and effort to gain knowledge. I put this as the least important because being book smart isn’t everything. Knowledge is gained through various means such as experiences, relationships, and lessons. Although, it is a necessity in the world, it shouldn’t be prioritized over being morally correct and providing to the community.


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