The food. To this day they are still used

The gas tractor,mason jar, and cotton gin are my top three most efficient products. The first
which is the gas tractor which is a very useful vehicle with agriculture machinery. The second one
is the mason jar which helped keep things in storage such as certain seeds and food etc. Lastly
is the Cotton gin which quickly and easily separates cotton fibers from their seeds. these
products play many important roles in in the agriculture life and everyday life.
First is the Gas tractor,which first was invented in 1892 in the tiny village in Northeast Iowa. It
was invented by John Froelich the first gas tractor that could be driven forwards and backwards.
Purpose of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction.Deere and Company,
a manufacturer of a full line of John Deere products had been watching the company and was
looking for a farm tractor to round out its line. The tractors from when they were first invented
have come a long way from the way they are now.
The cotton gin was first invented on oct. 28, 1793, but wasn’t granted on march 14,1794. It was
made to separate the seeds from the cotton. It has made a huge impact since the beggining of
when it was made because it is more efficient and time saving so it can speed up the process.
Without the cotton gin it would be more time consuming and instead of relying on a machine we
would rely on people 24/7 to individually take out each seed. Its impact is heavy in the industry if
cotton because without cotton, we wouldnt have clothing and many other important essentials.
Which leads me to my other product which is the mason jar. The mason jar was first created in
1858 by John Landis Mason. Mason jars were originally used in homes for canning and storing
food. To this day they are still used in homes for storing food, but also for storing other home
items like cotton swabs, hairbands, etc. Something as little as a mason jar can impact so much
of the way we use small products in our everyday life.
Every single one of these items plays many different roles. Even though they all play different
roles, the one thing they have in common is that they all benefit in the roll that they play. Wether
its from separating seeds to storing seeds for food, they all still maintain to do their job that
theyve been doing for so long. Agriculture is not only helping the farming industry , but it is also
benefiting our everyday life to this the end of the end of the day its always good to focus
on the small stuff and realize that a lot goes into what products we use. 


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