The field, mainly in developing countries like India. Major

The social
marketing is now –a-days used as strategy not only for promotion but also for
building corporate image building. Kotler,2000; Bednall & Kanuk 1997 have
mentioned that the societal marketing concept calls on marketers to fulfill the
needs of the target audience in ways that enhance the well-being of consumers
and society as a whole, while fulfilling the objectives of the organization

Taking profit as
a major business objective, the social marketing concept advocates fairness towards
consumers by maintaining good practices in terms of consequences for society.
The societal marketing concept introduces corporate social responsibility into
marketing practices (Piacentini, MacFadyen & Eadie 2000). The societal
marketing concept can approach a wide range of social problems in health,
crime, the environment and social welfare (Andreasen 1995) and emphasizes the
benefits to three parties: the consumer, the company and society. A growing
number of industry surveys attest to the positive effects of societal marketing
and its related impact on consumer attitudes and behaviour throughout various
countries (for example Business in the community 1997, 1998; Cone Inc. 2000;
Cone/Roper communications 1994, 1999; Cavill + Co 1997 a, 1997 b; Jayne 2001).

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Though there
exists a extensive body of knowledge on social marketing and corporate image theory,
there is little research of the impact of social marketing on corporate image. I order to examine the impact of social marketing, first one  need to understand the demographic factors  a lack of empirical research on the
impact of societal marketing on customer attitudes toward corporate image in
the Thai context; ? a lack of studies conducted on
demographic influences regarding corporate image; and ? a
lack of studies from different countries.


Despite the
tremendous growth of practices in social marketing and related concepts, there
exists a paucity of empirical research in this field, mainly in developing
countries like India. Major concerns have been raised with respect to the
impact of social marketing on consumer assertiveness relating to corporate
image, product image and purchase intention or brand choice. Therefore, there
is a gap in the literature surrounding the impact of social marketing and in
particular, this issue has not been sufficiently examined empirically in India.


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