The fertilizers and new high yielding techniques for farming.

The Green Revolution occurred between the 1930s and the late 1960s that adopted new technologies and methods to increase agricultural production worldwide especially in developing countries. In included many new forms of irrigation, fertilizers and new high yielding techniques for farming. The revolution introduced many techniques, which had already been in use in developed countries, to developing countries. The new high yielding crops had improved responses to fertilizers, higher crop yield, matured faster, and are highly reliant on irrigation and fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The new fertilizers improve the growth of crops and increase the productiveness of the crops. Pesticides kill and control pests and that try to feed off of the crops which in turn allows the crops to grow without disturbances. Herbicides specifically target other plants and weeds that may try to compete for nutrients or harm the crops. These all improve the growth and quality of the crops and is responsible for saving over a billion people from starvation 8.Intercropping is when two or more crop species are planted in the same field at the same time to promote a synergistic interaction. It has many benefits which include having a high yield of crops leading to a greater income for the farmer, it makes the most of the available soil and the nutrients in the soil, it can also be used as a sort of insurance for the farmers so if their primary crop somehow dies out they will still have the other crops they can farm. There can also be a few disadvantages associated with intercropping. The crops may not be compatible leading to a poor yields and can damage the soil. Another disadvantage is that it costs a lot of money upfront and the process of harvesting the crops can be complicated since crop can be damaged by the other 7.Crop rotation is when crop species in a field are rotated from season to season. Crop rotation can improve the quality of the soil, reduce soil erosion and water runoff as well as provide a diverse group of crops that can be grown. Crop rotation also requires the use of more equipment and machinery. Not all crops can be planted and harvested with the equipment leading to the need to have lots of different equipment. The farmer also needs to have a high level of knowledge on the crops they are planting in order to properly perform crop rotation. Lastly some crops bring in more money than others which may cause times of low profits 6.Irrigation is used to provide water to crops in a manner that promotes their growth. Farmers are always at a risk of experiencing a drought or having an insufficient amount of water for their crops. Irrigation helps remove that risk by providing a sufficient amount of water and being conservative the water usage. It helps maximize the growth of crops and makes it easier for the crops to grow.. Irrigation may also cause waterlogging and salinization which can degrade the soil and damage the crops.Contour plowing is the plowing and harvesting parallel to the topographic contours of the land. It helps minimize soil erosion and helps keep the topsoil be slowing the water flow. It preserves the nutrients in the soil leading to there being less of a need for fertilizers and artificial irrigation. It is very labor intensive and can be very expensive.Integrated pest management is a pest management system that controls pests and the damages caused by them. IPM’s slow the development of resistance to pesticides and is also less harmful to the ecosystem than the regular use of pesticides. Pesticides can kill other species that are not meant to be effected and can lead to an unbalanced ecosystem but IPM eliminates that problem by only targeted the pests. IPM can also be very time and energy consuming. It requires the constant monitoring of crops by the farmers 10While all these techniques differ in their methods, they can all be used to make the life of the farmer easier and more efficient by improving their crop yield and profits. They each can be very expensive and can lead to major problems if done incorrectly or not being correctly monitored.


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