The Existing systems are mostly manual

The Existing systems are mostly manual, that requires human effort for its operation. Some of it uses electric energy while some requires human effort and fossil fuels. The machines which use electric energy mostly require long wire and human effort for guidance. It also depends on weather because in rainy condition there is a risk of short circuiting.
The conventional (manual) cleaner needs man power. If the area is big enough, it may requires huge man power and would have extra labor cost. The man power would not only require labor, but may need huge effort. This brings in much trouble in some places, in some of the area due to severe weather condition.
Conventional cleaner requires cord. It is inconvenient for the user due to cord to use electrical or conventional cleaner. There is a danger of short circuiting if it rains due to electric short circuiting. It would require adjustable cords to reach the areas of different cords. It is economically inefficient.
Petrol machine requires huge operating cost. It requires constant using of petrol. The petrol consumption will cause air pollution. It is also quite difficult in certain severe air condition to operate, which would require much human effort too.


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