The evolution of technology has transformed lives tremendously

The evolution of technology has transformed lives tremendously, but more importantly the way in which businesses perform. Organisations have gained the ability to reach new markets, introduce new products and services, and connect with business suppliers around the world through the use of new technology such as Information Technology (IT) and the Internet (cite). Over the past five decades, the evolution of information technology has made it difficult for organisations to think, plan or take any initiative without its use. In this contemporary era, mini computers and mobile phones are longer the only devices that fall within the information technology category however, other technological devices including: numerous appliances for domestic use and prevailing motorised factories of various kinds have sprang up. These technologies lead to the reduction of cost of production and time as well as making our daily lives easier (cite). Information Technology and the Internet, in this era, is a much-needed tool to equip organisations with the necessary information about business growth, cost reduction and product promotion. This can be done by computerized information system, satellite communication systems and other software and hardware (cite Douglas). Computerized information systems help reduce the production time of goods, thus making services quicker and more effective (Miles). The Internet has incorporated its use into our daily lives and has led to electronic business (e-business) being developed, making it a normal business discipline (cite). E-business comprises of many business processes such as buying and selling products, supplies and services, servicing customers and many more. It also comprises a range of functions and services such as the development of intranet and extranet to e-services (cite). Information Technology is one of the main reasons why organizations are continuously structuring their business in favour of the internet, as it will allow them to connect to suppliers from other organizations to collaborate on sales promotions and perform joint market research. Information Technology also helps business penetrate new markets and produce new products and services (cite).


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