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The gun, especially in the United States, is the most popular choice of lethal self-defense. Over a couple centuries, the gun has never really evolved. This weapon has basically been a canister of gunpowder with a bullet struck by a match. This causes an explosion and the bullet to fly out. The gun, though, does not always have to be lethal. We can fix all of these problems by simply removing the most iconic part of the gun: the bullet. With our new weapon, the TACLp, “lethality of a gun” can be removed, but still be a man of its word when it comes of the ability  of defending. Our weapon can either gets charged by a USB-C port, or be bought as a one time use and in one shot, could send a focused 10,000 lumen light that could instantly and tactically defeat your enemy. In the United States alone, more than enough people are harmed in the usage of guns. People think of them as the savior of lives, when in fact, they kill more than they protect. To be completely honest, the gun isn’t completely to blame. Part of the fact that many of these people are getting harmed are the people who use the gun, but at the end of the day, there is no way to completely prevent guns and other weapons to fall into the hands of those that we fear the most, and those the inflict the most damage to us. Somehow, either with bribery, death threats, and so one, people will break the law, and get those weapons that we protect so hard. Other people have also been thinking of a way to prevent gun violence. Allan Lee Litman in 1965 created the first aerosol tactical defense spray he named mace, better known today as pepper spray. Close range, it worked pretty well and did its job. But with wind, and being too far from your target, mace was regarded as pretty useless. Sometimes, if wind blew to hard, you would hit someone you didn’t mean to hurt, and you would be stuck in a situation where a dangerous person was angered that you tried to fight back, and a friend of yours was hurt by your ineffective spray. Pocket knives have been created around 500-600 BC, and over the years, they have gotten more stylish, more effective, and lighter, but still, it posed a large problem. How would you pull the knife and hurt the person before they stopped you? The answer was, if you didn’t have it on you already, it was impossible. Plus, who wants to walk around with a knife hanging from your arm? The answer is probably no. Thus, the TACLp can help defend against any target, from any distance, without posing as a threat to other. Plus, with the ability to shape the TACLp into any shape or size, the light wouldn’t look too out of the ordinary on you. Our tactical pistol, affordable yet powerful, can shoot at least ten thousand lumens at your target. The TACLp (tactical light pistol) is anything but lethal, and therefore could be in the hands of anyone who feels like they need protect without having to go through all of the trouble of getting a gun owner’s permit. Although this idea is very bright, many people still think that getting the equipment to sell this item is impossible, we have thought of a completely different way to approach this problem. Too many LED and Compact Fluorescent Lamps are trashed or recycled a year in the United States. More than half of these could still be use for plenty of time after they were disposed. We could buy these bulbs for an amount that would seem like an amazing deal to the producers, and not have to buy them from major companies that would probably over-price the units to make profit. Let’s make it simple, we all sometimes feel unsafe, or think that someone negatively has control over our safety. What can we do about it? Most people don’t have licensed weapons, or the courage and strength to fight back. That’s what TACLp could do to help every single person, everywhere. he gun (before our idea was generated) wasn’t pretty smart or productive. The first recorded use of a gun took place way back in the year of 1364. This “weapon” doesn’t nearly resemble the guns that we have today, but instead look and act very far from it. Merchants saw the potential in this barrel of metal stuffed to the brim with gunpowder and a rock, and started to hire what we would call gunsmiths to recreate what they saw, and sold them. By the year 1380, they were known all over Europe. They were soon the talk of almost every single town in Europe, and soon the world. For the next two to six centuries, in the early- and mid-1400s, the gun evolved into what is now called a matchlock gun. The matchlock gun was ideal during the late 1400s and 1500s, sometimes even through to the 1700s where the American Colonists would use these weapons to beat the British during the American Revolutionary War to earn their independence. These weapons at the time were almost always fitted with bayonets (knives place at the barrel of the gun) because of how slow and inefficient the reloading speed of this weapon would be. The invention of the rose lock becomes revolutionary and allows guns to automatically spark the gunpowder in the gun, lowering the reloading speed by at least twelve seconds.  Fast forward around four-hundred to five-hundred years, and you will find the invention of automatic handguns and rifles, and the extension of the submachine gun, sniper, and light (carriage) machine gun categories. It was quickly forgotten for being a weapon of defense, but later carried the name of “mass murderer”.


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