The earliest definitions of Public relations

The earliest definitions of Public relations (PR) according to Public Relation Society of America in 1982 “Public relations helps an organization and it is public adapt mutually to each other”. (Public Relations Society of America, 2018). In 2011 and 2012 PRSA take the confirmation from a member engagement process for updating the definition. The new definitions are “Public relations is a strategy in the communication process that builds mutually useful for relationships between organizations and their public’s. “A PR is responsible for showing the content with a creative way, make communication with another company and advertisers agents, make events, make a marketing strategy, have a good relationship with media and social media, write an effective speech for managers or to himself. So, PR is public attitude between the organization and consumers through dealing, interacting and understanding the others in order to deliver the message and product by gaining the consumers and focusing on their needs and routines like social media. PR is concentrating in the social media in order to make their message deliver easily.
There are five concepts of marketing which are production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, societal marketing concept. Production concept was the oldest concept that depends on the spread or availability of the product and the good price of it so, if the product the customer see in every place where he is shopping and have low price he will buy it. Product concept depends on the quality of the product itself and performance as when the product has a very high quality it will attract customers and make them think a lot when they try to compare with another product, such as, Nikon and Canon. Selling concept is when the company make a lot of advertisers and promote to their product, this makes consumer remember or but in his mind the product as Ramadan advertisers that showed in every break in the series or program. Companies use marketing concept by select their target audience and deliver the message in a very good way than the competitors, For example, Apple target business and adult people, Samsung targets all people. So, advertisers of Apple is unique and show how Apple will help in the work but Samsung advertisers full of colors and try to persuade all people who differ in their uses or age. The Societal Marketing Concept focus on know what consumer want, their interests or needs, then work on deliver an effective message that will catch their attention faster than any another company or product.
One of the tops NGO’S “Non-governmental organization” around the world is CARE International. According to CARE’s website, CARE started in May 1946, at the end of the world war CARE made a Cooperative later was known as American Remittances to Europe and it was for the millions of people who need food and supplies in the World War II. This cooperative consisted of twenty-two civil American charities also cooperative with labor and religious backgrounds. In addition, CARE took many million possessions of U.S. An army excess of packages in 1946, and each package has food for feeding ten people for a day. One of the people at this time said “Everything was rationed at the time: fuel, food, clothes. I had been eight or nine before I knew what a banana tasted like. I remember the CARE food parcels arriving. What a morale boost they were”. (Christie, J). CARE has developed over seven decades later as it became one of the largest organizations that fight poverty and poor in the world such as, it provides help to people attacked by emergencies and disasters, and give people economic income to make them have the chance to open a project, they start with girls and women who often sideline and among the poorest people. From societies facing serious drought in Ethiopia to families suffer by wars on Yemen and Syria. There are also CARE’s activities for more than 90 countries. CARE started with Europe then it reached everywhere. In Asia CARE was gradual spreads as it started in Japan, in Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, and India. In early 1950 CARE provides medical supplies and services for areas that suffer from wars on Africa. Additionally, in 1953 CARE changed its name to the Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere. Over the years CARE spread more such as it made a long-term development program that was offered rehabilitation and recovery for people, helped in many issues as it focused on improving the status of women and participation in society. Moreover, trained Peace Corps first projects volunteers. In addition, CARE keeps the help in food as allocation the emergencies and disasters. Due to the achievements in 1993, CARE changed the meaning of her name to “Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere.” In the new millennium, CARE started to attack poverty as it made emergency for Indonesia and Pakistan earthquakes, the Asian tsunami and gave a home for more than 2.5 million Sudan and Darfur habitats that the war destroyed their homes. In other hands CARE made other activities as education for girls, agriculture, gave loans for villages to help them improve water and made a program to defeat poor (, 2018). According to CARE’s website, it is vision and Mission being a global leader worldwide to save people live and Elimination poverty. In addition, a world full of hope without suffer and have social justice as people feel safe, secure and have their needs. CARE is already working around the world to save people live and do their mission and vision. CARE is working on a global and serious problem in the words, For example, encourage empowerment, stop discrimination, Work in partnership with others, Nutrition and food Climate Change Resilience, stop Violence and rights to live free, healthy secure. CARE has used PR activities than Marketing as it annually shares a report of what it achieved and stories with pictures of people who it helped them and changed their lives. In the last two years, it shared the report with different languages, not English only. These reports were emotional messages from every CEO said that CARE need people’s support to do their mission and vision and thankful messages for people who helped them. CARE made a campaign in 2017 called March4Women campaign in. London, UK and there were thousands of people join it. On social media side CARE is professional as first, on YouTube CARE made channels with names of areas it helped them or trying to aid them by uploading a lot of emotional videos on it about people who suffer from disasters. Second, on Twitter, CARE shares every step it works on it or achieves it and awareness campaigns. Third, On Facebook CARE made a Facebook page for every region and in the CARE main page it shared stories, videos, news about what it works on or achieved. Furthermore, CARE has many partners around the world it works with such as European Union (EU), the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO), Directorate General for Development and Co-operation (DG DEVCO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Labor Organization (ILO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), etc…

CARE depends on PR more than advertising as it organizes many events, challenge tours, people speeches, get volunteers help, and raise people awareness for example, CARE in Australia made a campaign called Walk in Her Shoes that was challenging people to walk 10,000 steps for a week and collect money to empower girls and women. Additionally, in Canada launched a sport’s event named was gather between companies and partners that raised funds to help CARE in the global projects. Moreover, in Österreich made a big occasion event for celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day and discussion for the impact of women economic empowerment. Many important people attend such as research institutions, finance institutes, NGOs, media. Furthermore, launched challenging events in 2011 the International UK as in CARE London to Brighton Bike Ride, with 82 participants ride 56-kilometer from the capital to coast. CARE target audience is all the world, it tries to make a change as to remove from our minds poverty, disasters, bad livings, and people without their needs such as food, water, house, and money. Furthermore, CARE caring very much about women as it wants all people to live equal and have equality in everything. So it needs support and help of all people even with money or moral support or change of beliefs and way of living.
There are competitors for CARE as The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is work on the people who need help as they live without home as a result of disaster and need to be in a safe place, be good and to control their future. It was focusing in many fields as safety, health, education, economic and power. IRC works on Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, United states. In 2017, the IRC and international program partners made many achievements for example, helped in enter 23 million people to health care, give money to 179,491 of refugees. Help to educate 1.14 million children and give them the chance to enter school, support 16,179 companies and 73% of them are owned by females, etc… (International Rescue Committee (IRC), 2018)
CARE and IRC are likely in their work and activities but CARE is more focus in PR, and deliver that it need support with it is Campaigns and activities. IRC focus on work and in direct way it tells people who it need support as when person enter her website the home page show people in a bad situation cry and need help.
Finally, CARE gained people trust around the world among the years and it increases the trust by her annual report, videos and news that it shared. However, all her effort but CARE missed advertising, it focused on PR more than make marketing or advertising. If it does these millions of people do not know it will give or support. In other hands CARE changed a lot of people lives, take them from the war areas and offer to them future with home, money, and education. Moreover, give huge support to women even in work or giving her power and rights.

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