the country very importantly

the country very importantly. It also ensures women autonomy of the society (Suwana et. al., 2017).
The importance of women education is increasing for several decades. According to the author there is multiplier effect of women education associated with women empowerment. Educated women facilitate children with healthier life and better education. Educated women also support family with income, decision making, fertility control, labor force, and preference for investment and so on. This also helps to improve the standard level of the family as well as the economy (Miller et. al., 2017). So there is a close relationship with education and women autonomy. To attain empowerment women must also have some competencies like physically and socially conductive to learning, fostering women’s’ dignity, required action for education. Recognition of self worthiness is the core dimension of women autonomy. Informal education also has importance for personal improvement.
According to Deb, (2015) economists believe that decision making process in every family is the thoughtful outcome of every spouse and it is influenced by various economic and non-economic factors. Women’s participation in family decision making is influenced by their age, education, income, asset ownership, characteristics, and family size and so on. These factors also dominates family decision making.
Family context and income of the family also influence women autonomy. It is evident that there is U shaped pattern of cross country relationship in labor force participation for women (Raj et. al., 2017).Women having very low level per capita income participate more in labor market than better off per capita earning women. For this reason woman of lower family and higher family possesses more autonomy. So exploring the role of education and asset ownership in women autonomy is very important.

1.4 Scope of the Study
Bangladesh is a developing country. Many people here are living under the poverty line. Gender discrimination is crucial here. Women are mostly humiliated by men and its being a common matter. It has various negative impacts to our economy. All over the world the gender discriminations is common scenery. But this scenery is changing

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