The company being in a niche segment of the

The company being in a
niche segment of the market is doing well and is quite known in the circuits in
Europe. However, there is obviously a huge number of customers that have not
been tapped or do not know that such kind of services do exists. Lapixa
currently is exploring the options of various digital marketing initiatives.
They are at present using Google AdWords and Facebook as paid forms of
marketing. The unpaid channels are Facebook Pages, Instagram Posts, Blog Posts
and parts of SEO management. The company also has an informative website which
provides all answers and support to its customers. Through this thesis research,
for the marketing department in Lapixa, it wants to channelize and strategies
if they are using the right marketing mix and how can they optimise their
digital marketing strategy. Being a start up, they do not have huge budgets for
marketing spends, therefore, they must be very selective with their marketing
activities which will reap them the maximum benefits.

Lapixa is looking for
practical digital marketing strategy not just to increase its online presence, get
more customers but also to reach new markets where it has not ventured yet.
They want to create more awareness towards their brand by promoting their
unique services. There have been limitations of the digital results including
the reach of their campaigns in social media and paid AdWords. The
administration of Lapixa by authorizing this thesis realise the extraordinary
potential, cost viability, numerous conceivable outcomes and various advantages
of digital marketing, thusly the point of the study is examination to create a
better strategy for their business plan.

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As explained earlier, Lapixa
has a mix of digital marketing initiatives but they need a more comprehensive
digital marketing communication strategy. The method of the study would be
evaluation of current strategies, the analytics tools, the customer base and targeted
marked. It will try to define how the digital marketing tools and techniques
using a strategic framework by selecting the right tactics and actions can
produce a strategy that would the result Lapixa is looking for. By actualizing
an advanced digital marketing plan, the organization will have the capacity to
apply the digitally specialized instruments proficiently and will have the
capacity to accomplish the coveted level of online execution. The results of
this study would be very significant to the organization as well as myself because
the discoveries are exhibited in a type of an operational strategic plan which
can be made applicable to any other organization.



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