The being segregated just because who they identify themselves

    The issue and topic of genocide truly disheartens me since I live in Myanmar where there is an issue involving the Rohingas in Rakhine. In this traditional and racist community that I live in, “segregation is very common.” Our government in my opinion has neglected and denied help to resolve the issue of identity and shelter for the population of the Rohingas. The Rohingas are being segregated just because who they identify themselves as. I feel that the Burmese government is dehumanizing the Rohingas just because of who they are, and my racist community deemed Rohingas as bad people in general. I feel that the government could help change the Burmese citizens view upon Rohingas and accepting them into our community by giving citizenship. Though the United Nations seem to put in effort to help these people suffering, they don’t really help since they don’t have the power of using arms since they can only deploy peace troops that has no power what so ever. The issue of Rohingas is so close to home therefore to be able to learn in depth about previous genocides and effects that genocides have upon the community and people, it allows me to rethink the issue of Rohingas thoroughly.     Though I felt that the most significant thing I was able to learn from the whole lesson was how to properly classify an issue with the ten stages of genocide created by the United Nations in hopes to prevent and lessen the effect of genocides worldwide. It also allows me to determine what a genocide is or isn’t. This not only opened my eye about the situation of Rohingas in Myanmar, I can support myself whenever I tell people that “the issue in Myanmar isn’t a genocide but rather a crime against humanity for failing to help.” I am therefore not saying that the government isn’t failing in helping the Rohingas but failing to solve the problem this insanity. Since I have opposing views from the rest of my classmates, I am usually labelled as a nationalist or a racist by my classmates just because I don’t believe that this issue should be labelled as a genocide. My thoughts are further supported when I was able to study about specific genocides such as the Holocaust, The Rwanda genocide and the Bosnian genocide therefore I reflected that “the issue of Rohingas doesn’t fit in any of the stages since I don’t feel that it is a genocide but much rather a social or political crisis in Myanmar.”    Similar to the situation in Myanmar, the Bosnian genocide is also another prime example of what happens when the system fails since many country refuse to send help since they were unsure of whether this situation was a genocide or a war crime. While countries and organizations like the UN, USA and Russia refused to intervene, there were wives, daughters and families of the dead crying and worrying in confusion of what have happened. The government was able to perfectly prosecute this “genocide” without any punishment by labelling the killings as a part of war. I reflected that “the Bosnian genocide was underrated and ignored by the media just because less people were affected by this effect.” This made me rethink about the world of unjust media coverage that we live in since these news media would only run stories that would get them more publicity but now this issue is finally under the spotlight of international media due to the jailing imposed upon the leader of the army who was responsible for the death and displacement of many loved ones. I talked about this topic during my fishbowl discussion and I still felt that this killing was a matter of war crimes since I felt that these people were killed in the crossfire of two different parties.    On the other hand, as I read the holocaust document, I learned that the manipulation of one man upon the whole country has successfully discriminated and lessen Jews by “using different terms such as poisonous race”. Since I was so intrigued about how the Germans perfectly execute the killing of six million Jews, I decided to further research about this genocide as my presentation along with my friends Calvin and Bond. After researching about how meticulously this genocide was planned out, I had a lot of respect for Hitler being so smart and sly and I quote from my reflection “Hitler is a very smart man manipulating a whole country to kill off a race efficiently.”I was amazed, because Hitler was able to manipulate a country of individuals to commit this crime. He killed off an entire race as humane as possible unlike the Hutus who went around the country wielding machetes in order to kill of the Tutsis.     I was exposed to explicit images, images that I had not dare to see before. But throughout the unit, I developed a level of maturity, to face the truth of genocide through images. I saw the images of the dead people from genocides all around the world. In my reflection, I said, “The pictures are all the same.” I became insensitive upon the sight of dead people but I know in my mind that these issues are happening around the world and moreover I felt disgusted by the parties or people that commit killing just to quench their thirst for power and ego. As my anger grew, I finally concluded, that I will face genocide not with anger for the people who committed it, but with sympathy for the victims that suffered. Therefore, and I quote myself “I still feel sympathy and sorrow for people that are affected but what I thought was that why are all the genocides similar in the case of reasoning behind the killing since just because someone is better than you, or different from you, you shouldn’t take it upon them but change yourself and make yourself better.” Jealousy and superiority were the main drive for the Germans and the Hutus to kill off the Jews and the Tutsis because they felt that their land and jobs are being taken away by the “others”. After finishing my research about the Holocaust, I felt relieved, because I was able to conclude my anger with the fact that the punishment doesn’t matter since the damage is already done. I am truly sadden by the fact that there is no real solution to genocide in the world. It can’t stop a genocide, only serves as a disincentive for genocide.


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