That action he is demanding a service. The employee

That being said, you can notice a significant change in the status of
employment. The traditional workers are slowly being replaced by the independent
workers, who are at the centre of this economic model.In October 2016, the McKinsey Global Institute surveyed some 8,000
respondents across Europe and the United States. They asked about their income
in the past 12 months and about their professional satisfaction and ambitions
for work in the future: The resulting report, “Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy”,
discovers that up to 162 million people in Europe and the United States, or 20%
to 30% of the working-age population, are engaged in some form of independent
work. 1McKinsey defines freelance workers and more generally independent work
as having “three defining features: a high
degree of autonomy; payment by task, assignment, or sales; and a short-term
relationship between worker and client”  The employer/employee relationship in the traditional sense is replaced with
a relationship based on a contract and mutual benefit. The employer posts the
task and salary on a platform and with this action he is demanding a service.
The employee then answers if he wants to execute the job. Uber works in the
same way: it’s now one of the most know on-demand taxi business in the world.Independent workers saw the advantages of self-employment in terms of
flexibility as somewhat overshadowed by disadvantages in terms of living
standards, earnings inequalities, in-work poverty and social polarisation.
While there is a relatively high level of satisfaction with the work itself, variety
of tasks, and, especially, time flexibility, labourers report much lower levels
of satisfaction with career prospects, pay levels, and job security. But while
working for a company like Uber, they make an additional income so each one has
a shot at a better life. It also gives the people the possibility to have a
second job and supplement income while driving people around on a flexible
schedule. This is very convenient for people who have other responsibilities
outside of work, for example children.One of the main problems from a social point of view
is the absence of adapted legislation which ensures equal treatment among
workers whatever the contractual agreement. The jobs are characterized by
insecurity, small pay levels and no potential career prospects, and it is
difficult to assert the rights to social security, training or protection.With the transformation of the status comes change in
the nature of the employment. But how can you tell that the Uber driver is an
employee or an independent worker? This is the main problematic for labour
regulators. And are they covered by the labour code? Looking at the facts, Uber
is not so wrong by classifying their drivers as independent workers. Uber does
not tell them how to do their jobs; they are not limited when driving the
costumer around. Compared to traditional business, employers tell their worker
exactly how to complete the job. Furthermore, companies provide their workers
with material and equipment, which is not the case for Uber. As they are
supposed to be just a tech-company, they licenced the use of the software, but
do not provide vehicles for their employees. Uber was dragged to several courts
in several countries because of this status that they gave the employees. (see Lawsuits and demonstrations) The biggest change
in the nature of employment is the worker’s status. While being independent
workers, they have more flexibility, especially over hours of work, and ease of
access, especially for online work carried out from home. On the other side you
have low pay, unpredictable and insufficient availability of work, insecurity
of employment and lack of social protections. Therefore, how can we protect the
uberization and sharing economy employees?


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