Technology is the Present and technology is also the future

Technology is the Present and technology is also the future. Technology has changed our living conditions for the better ,but at the same time it has changed them for the worst, and by worst I mean it has made us Humans lazier than before.

As subsplash puts it ‘Technology has become a fixture in our society'(2015;01),We cannot ignore the fact that Technology has affected our lives in a positive way. Technology has made living easier for example has improved how we communicate. Gone are the days where one had to send a letter using the post office, short messaging and social media have changed that old system and have made communication faster and simpler. The topic of the day is how has technology improved education, well let me not take it too far because just in institution, The University of South Africa, Technology has changed a lot of things. A common example would be the way we submit our assignments, In the past, the only way to submit assignments was through the post. This led some assignments taking too long to reach the lecturers and sometimes some assignments going missing. In the present time technology has created a platform in which we can submit our assignments online and this has eliminated the problems faced by submitting through the post. Another way that Technology has made an impact in technology is through e-learning (electronic learning).E-learning is slowly eliminating the old traditional way of learning such as the Black board and note books. Smart boards and i-pads have made learning more easier.
As much as technology has improved our lives, it has also affected children’s critical thinking. “As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate”(03,Sarrah).This line by Miss Sarrah makes me agree with the topic ‘technology has resulted in students losing the ability to think independently’ .During my high school time, I noticed that many learners in my school relied on their gadgets for everything. They would often use their phones internet to look up information that they actually knew or would easily learn. This experience has made me agree to the fact that technology has a made children lazy.

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As Jaymi Heimbuch says, ‘Technology is intended to make our lives easier’. Without technology life would be boring and possibly difficult. Ultimately, technology gives us the opportunity to have a comfortable life.


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