Technology Addiction

Technology Addiction
Technology addiction generally are symptoms of underlying disorders like depression ,anxiety ,and attention problems .Dr. Kimberly Young ,director of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery ,identified the following potential warning signs that the user addicted to technology. First , loses track of time while online .Second ,sacrifices needed our of sleep to spend time with phone .Third, becomes agitated or angry when time is interrupted .Fourth, checking email or online messages several times a day .Fifth ,becomes irritable if not allowed access to the internet .Sixth, spends time online instead of homework or household chores .Seventh, spends time online rather than with friends or family .Eight , disobeys time limit that have been set for internet usage .Ninth, loses interest in activities .Tenth, becomes moody when not online.
Nowadays, we use technology to ease our lives .Like when at school ,teachers use computers and internet technologies to teach students digitally and creatively with data visualization .In business ,they can do internet marketing ,can sell products and services online ,can manage and hire employees online .In hospitals ,can create a database of a patient ,to diagnose the disease of patients faster can research on; diseases ,blood test, urine test ,brain testing and body scanning .In banking ,banks are using computers to faster and accurate the costumers demand. In home to take online classes ,listen and watch movies ,and online shopping .Though this can ease our lives ,it also have negative impacts to our health and social status.
Addiction to technology starts at home .Without the guidance of parents to their children ,they will overuse the use of technology. Because no one discipline them they spend their time online By that undisciplined child ,they sacrifice needed ours of sleep to spend time online and withdraw from family to escape into comfortable online world. Parents should limit their children’s use of technology .Showing that they care for their children ,by limiting the use of technologies. Parents should take a schedule ,when their children should use computer and cellphone .Parents should make a bonding time that haven’t related to technology.
The school should encourage the use of technology. Mobile devices and applications they support ,will help prepare students for their future .Most of students uses tablets and smartphone as part of their learning processes .Students are able to access the most up-to-date information. Helps the students from decision making skills .Schools should teach students about responsible use of technology ,like using the computer correctly. Schools should limit their students in using mobile phones to spread unnessery informations


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