Task so popular within a few years. People created

Task 6


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            Hello. My name is Ei Nay Chi
Zaw. I am assigned to make a private library system for the ECTC private
college. There are three types of applications that the users can interact with
the library system. They are web application, windows application and mobile
application. And I would like to explain each of the application to make you
understand about the applications and I will give you recommendation of which
is the best option in my point of vire.

What is web

            A web application is computer
program that runs in the web browsers. Web applications are usually written
with client side scripts like HTML, JavaScript etc. and server-side scripts
like ASP and PHP. Some of the applications are dynamic web applications and
requires the server-side processing. Some are static web application with do
not require any processing from the server. Web Application can run on a variety of platform including Windows,
Mac, Linux, Android, and etc. through the internet. The example of web
application is the Google docs.

          The web applications require web servers to
manage the request from the client. An application server to accept and do
the tasks from the clients. And it sometimes requires a database to store the

What is mobile

            Mobile application is an application
that is designed for small devices such as mobile phones, smartphones or
tablets. Mobile applications have
limited hardware resources so it may contain less multitasking tasks. And
the mobile applications only functions like games, calculators or browsers.
Some examples of platforms for mobile applications are Android and iOS. Some
examples of the mobile applications are Games and social media applications.

          The mobile
apps are first produced for the purpose of email, contact list and information
retrieving but it got so popular within a few years. People created mobile
magazine websites, blogs and online app-discovery services within a few years
and the number of people who uses mobile apps are increasing every day.

What is Window


The windows application is the user build application that can run on
the Window platform. But that doesn’t
mean it can only run on the Windows. The window applications can also be
written with the java codes and run with installers on the Linux such as other
OS too. The windows form provide varieties of controls such as Buttons,
textboxes, combo boxes and many more to create the windows applications.

Windows application can only be
accessed from the system which it is installed. And the windows application
doesn’t need internet to run the application. The users can design window
applications with Visual Studio.

The one I want to

            The one I want to recommend for
the school library system is the web
application. There are many benefits for the system by using the web

Linking the business
logic to the ECTC library and why it is the best choice

            By using web application, the memory
storage for the books on the desktop or laptop is not needed. The data are
stored in the internet via cloud storage like Google drive, or Mediafire. There
is no need to worry about losing the data when the hard disk drive is
corrupted. The library data are on the internet so the data are also protected
from the natural disasters.

          And Internet is widely used among young people
like college students. So, the web application based online library will be
more effective in encouraging them to read books.

          The online
library system doesn’t have closing times and opening times since it is located
in the internet. So, the students can rent
books whenever they what. And the time management via internet is more
systemic than the regular library system.

          The benefits
of using web based application is not good only for the users (Students) but
also for the staffs of the library. Because the web applications can be accessed anywhere where there is browser and
internet connection so the staffs can work from their houses if they can’t
come to the workplace.

windows application, if there is an update version of the library system, the
students (users) don’t have to download the new version to keep using the
library system.

          In web
application library system, the library manager can see the visitors’ count to the website and can do promotions if the
view rate drops down. The online system can also make records of the rented
books, returned books and member information so the staffs don’t need to write down the library renting and returning
information in big thick books.

          From the
above business logics in relating to the online library system, the web application is the best solution in
developing a library system for the college students.

Benefits of web

1)   The
library data like book information and member information can be stored on the internet and can keep backup files too. So the
library will be a neat and tidy
environment without the messy files and documents.

Web applications can run immediately where there is internet connection, and
people are using internet fluently in these days so it is accessible from

3)   And
there doesn’t need to develop the individual applications for every OS and
doesn’t need to test on the every OS. So
it is easy and fast to update or troubleshoot the application.

4)   When
there is an update, users don’t need to
download the update version and can access immediately after the update. That’s
why the web applications don’t cost much in downloading the updates so users
enjoy using it.

5)   And
there is no need to worry about the
security of the library data since they are monitored by experienced server administrators.

And there is no need to install for extra software to run the library system
since it is run on the internet. So web
applications are simple and easy to use.

When using the library system, the users can rent the books anywhere and
anytime because the web application doesn’t have opening and closing times.

And from internet, there are many systems that
you can develop using the web application. Like read a sample page of the book before
renting or listening to sample audio before renting the audio CD. So, it enables the users to choose their
favorite books without wasting time in the library.

And it is convenient for the employees at the
library too. They can work from their home if they are sick because the web
application is accessible from anywhere. So
the web applications are portable.

Web Application VS
Windows Application

 Windows applications can be run only on
the window OS whereas web application can be run on all platforms like Android,
windows etc.

Windows application can be used on the system
only which they are installed. Web applications can be used in anywhere when
there is internet connection.

Windows applications cannot be run on all
windows operating systems. They cannot run if the application is not compatible
with their current system.

When there is error in the codes, they need to
fix in all windows computers which the application is installed. Web
application can be fixed only on the internet and the users can access

Web application VS
mobile application

The mobile application doesn’t require the
internet whereas web application needs internet connection. And connecting with
internet enables the students to get the latest information of the library

Mobile applications require to develop on multiple
platforms and it can cost many for those application developments whereas web
application development are cheaper to it.

The users need to download the update version if
there is an update of the application. And if the user forgets to update and it
doesn’t support that version anymore, the library can lose some members coming
to the library where web applications doesn’t need application. 


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