Tara Lucas Dianne KuhnBUS 137 5/6/2018 Ethics Q1

Tara Lucas
Dianne KuhnBUS 137
Q1. Your accountant advises you to pay your part-time workers in cash to avoid paperwork.

I would say, “Paperwork is an important part of organizational financial recording and reporting. Regardless of making your work easier by paying in cash, the reports will be needed by other stakeholders such as the board of governors and creditors among others”. The given response is based on utilitarian approach because the actions of the organization should benefit majority rather than just an individual (Loreau 27-32).

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Q2. At the annual industry convention, you notice your general manager making sexual advances to his assistant. The woman looks uncomfortable and leaves the room.

I would say, “Sir, it is important to remain as professional as possible when approaching all organizational members within the organization’s premises. Any sexual moves should be done outside the organization and in private.” The given response is based on moral-rights approach because every person needs to feel free from sexual harassment and safe within the working environment (Loreau 27-32).

Q3. An information technology manager at your major competitor offers to do consulting work for you after hours.

I would say, “Your commitment to this consultancy work would help us develop together in the industry and provide healthy competition to your organization. Besides, it will be an additional source of income to you.” The response is based on an individual approach which encourages personal benefits as a motivational factor for improved performance (Loreau 27-32).

Q4. A report on your desk shows that your primary product may cause skin cancer.

I would say, “This product should be withdrawn from the sales desk as soon as possible. An advertisement should also be designed by the marketing team to inform the public on the potential risk associated with the product. Again, the production of the product should be terminated as we research on how to come up with a health-friendly product. This response is based on the justice approach since consumers should get products that solve their problems rather than those that create more problems for them (Cochrane 309-322).”
Q5. Your business is facing bankruptcy because of a recession. To obtain financing to cover expenses for the next few weeks, you will have to shade the truth when talking with your banker.

I would say, “The organization is in a difficult financial situation that only the bank can bail out through the financial cover that we are seeking for.” The response is based on justice approach because it involves telling the truth to set the records straight (Cochrane 309-322).

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