Suzie had a couple factors that lead her to have diabetic ketoacidosis

Suzie had a couple factors that lead her to have diabetic ketoacidosis. The fact that she has no history of diabetes plays a factor. This indicates Suzie had no idea she had diabetes prior to being hospitalized, thus it was left untreated and got to this point. Her glucose level was at a 800 mg/dL which proves there has been no management. Upon admission to the hospital Suzie’s mom reported that Suzie had just recently had the flu and had not fully recovered. Suzie’s mom also stated she had been more fatigued than normal and had been experiencing nausea and vomiting for the last four days. Suzie had been not eating very much, due to her decrease in appetite. She also was constantly drinking and having to use the bathroom frequently. I believe the fact that she was sick and was not eating much were precipitating factors that lead to her getting DKA. According to Alourfi and Homsi (2015), “Inadequate insulin therapy and infection are the most common DKA precipitating factors.” I believe these were the main factors that contributed to the development of DKA.

As far as patient education is concerned, I would want to educate Suzie’s mom on diabetes management. I am assuming Suzie has type 1 since she is 13 years old. I would teach her about the importance of receiving insulin regularly, since with type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. I would explain that insulin helps cells to bring glucose into cells, and that insulin is absolutely necessary. I would stress the importance of checking glucose levels daily to track sugars. I would also want to discuss nutrition. I would educate on foods and how they affect blood sugar levels. I would also want to review over signs and symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis. Reviewing over these education points provides Suzie’s mom with the information needed to prevent DKA from occurring again. Of course, also encouraging Suzie’s mom to make a management with their primary care physician, as the physician can also provide other resources as well.

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