Sungai excellent institutions including Harvard University, University of Oxford,

Sungai Way Holding Berhad started their business as a tin mining company in 1974. Tanah Melayu was one of the biggest producers of tin mining in the world and this industry contributed most in the country’s economy. In 1986, Sunway City began to transform their business as tin mining became a wasteland. This company grew bigger and this results in 2010, they have subsidiaries in the construction, quarrying, property development, trading and manufacturing. On 23rd of August 2011, Sunway Holdings Berhad and Sunway City Berhad combined to form a bigger and stronger Sunway Berhad as what it is commonly known today. This public limited company was founded and started by Tan Sri Jeffry Cheah. The liability of Sunway Berhad is limited by its shares.The most outstanding subsidiaries located near to the headquarter which is in Bandar Sunway. Sunway  Resort Hotel and Spa and the Pyramid Tower Hotel are two magnificent hotels that attract a lot of guests. Other tourism-related provision include the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, Sunway Lagoon theme park, various beverage and entertainment outlets and other leisure facilities.Bandar Sunway also includes higher education facilities such as Monash University Malaysia and Sunway University. Sunway Group is the part owner of the Campus. Sunway Education Group has formed partnerships with excellent institutions including Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Lancaster University and Le Cordon Bleu International. Sunway Education Group is the only Malaysian education group with two universities of SETARA Tier 5 (Excellent) rating.Sunway City is now an economic driver, with more than forty two million visits every year. It is also home to over 200,000 residents, 25,000 students, and 150 species of flora and fauna. Sunway City’s drive towards smart and sustainable living is underlined by its continued investments in a wide range of innovative infrastructure. Sunway remains dedicated to improve the lives of our communities towards a better future for generations to come.  


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