Summary market becoming one of the world’s largest forklift

Summary Report AuthorShane Mc GuinnessDate of document completion:A factory visit out to a local business enterprise Combilift Engineering Ltd,Gallinagh,Monaghan.On the 9th of February 2018Written as part of the LCVP portfolio  For the attention ofMs Mc ColganIntroduction:For the LCVP Enterprise Education Module we decided to visit Combilift Engineering in Monaghan for our visit to a business or community enterprise. We decided to visit here as Martin Mc Vicar is a past pupil of our school, and he invited us to visit his brand new factory.We felt that a visit to combilift would be highly beneficial as we could ask Martin Mc Vicar many questions. This would be interesting as we would learn how a local enterprise is run and combilift became so successful and how it expanded into the local market becoming one of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers.After the visit we visited Mc Donalds for some food, but this required a lot of organisation and planning prior to the visit to combilift.Aims:General:The general aim of the visit out is to learn more about combilift and how it has become one of the top businesses in Monaghan. This visit will give us a general idea of how it became successful and how it expanded into the local market. This visit will also give me a better in depth knowledge of how combilift runs day by day and how the business adapts to certain problems. Subject:The main aim of the visit for my subject objective is to improve my maths and physics subject skills. This visit will help improve my physics understanding as the production of such machinery requires a basic understanding of physics. This visit will also help me with my maths skills as this business requires maths in every sector such as the manufacturing of the machines and the accounting sector of the business. Personal:My main aim and responsibility is to collect the paid fees for the trip and to make sure that everyone has paid there set amount. This will be a test for my organisation and communication skills and will help me improve upon them as I progress along the visit. Group:We hope to prove that we can successfully plan and organise the visit by using the teamwork and organisation skills that we learnt through the LCVP course.Body of the Report.Preparation:In order to arrange the visit, we had to firstly seek permission from our school principal Mr McHugh if it would be ok to carry out our LCVP factory visit on the Friday 9th of February 2018.We then decided to contact the CEO of Combilift, Martin McVicar, to ask if we could carry out our visit at his local company.A list of all the students attending the trip was obtained from the school office to help with recording attendance on the day of the trip.Each student was then given a task to ensure that the trip would run as smooth and as organised as possible.We then typed up and printed the permission slips for parents to sign, so we can be granted full permission to go on the trip.A bus was then arranged through RICE’S busses, to arrange for us to get a lift to and from Combilift.A menu was then obtained from McDonalds so we could pre-order some food, to ensure the class got fed.My Responsibilities:I had three main objectives to complete.My first responsibility was to prepare a list of all the students attending the trip to combilift. This list was important so we could take the attendance on the day and to ensure everyone payed.Next, I used that list to collect the permission slips and money from the students attending the trip, to make sure that everyone has payed and that they all have full permission to go.My final responsibility was to ask my assigned question to Martin McVicar on the day off the trip.


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