Sudhakar D views for degree and E views for

Sudhakar Pandey et al 2 Network
accomplishment can be enriched by using cross-layer approach. Application of sending
power charge method to arrange communication power issues in decline of energy
consumption. ED is examined to consult the weight   assisted with each node. D views for degree
and E views for energy. Energy consumption is reduced and network accomplishment
is enriched by Control overhead reduction while route discovery and dynamic
improvement of transmission power is done. The energy model of wireless sensor network
can be stated as the total energy consumption of the network, arrange all its
units, be it sensor device components, energy used in routing or route
maintenance, topology maintenance or whosoever it may be. Creating an energy
model is an vital part of any protocol growth and its performance estimation.
Here a network is treated with n mobile sensor nodes and single sink node that
is static. Energy consumed by sensor device: The sensor device consists
of processing units, sensing unit, memory unit and transceiver unit. So, energy
consumption of each unit made considered as:

E Sensor
Device = E processor + E sensor +

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                              Ememory+Etransceiver            (1)                                                                                      

Where E Sensor Device is the energy consumed by a sensor
device, E processor is the energy depleted by the processing units, E sensor is
the energy use up by the sensing unit, E memory is the energy spent by the
memory unit and E transceiver is the energy consumed by the transceiver unit. Since
network lifespan is an vital aspect criterion Sensor nodes perform for years.
clearly 70% of network’s energy is used  in data communication. By getting average of
Received Signal Strength (RSS) values, transmission power is improved by
Cross-Layer design approach for Power Control.


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