SUBJECT (WASTE WATER MANAGEMENT) ASSIGNMENT (CASE STUDY REMEDIATION OF LEACHATE FROM LANDFILL IN MALAYSIA) Numb.NameIC NumberID Matrix1.MUHAMMAD LATIFF PUTRA BIN RAPAL870923-05-5739BEHP160917582.AFDHAL BIN ISMAIL900522-10-5103BEHP160918113.ELLY FAREED BIN ABDUL WAHAB861008-43-5063BEHP160918124.MUHAMMAD QAMARUN BIN SALIM891227-14-5063BEHP16091757 BACHELOR BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY (HONS) LECTURER MADAM CHEAH WAI YAN Leachate Treatment Facility Functions of Leachate Treatment Facility It is important to note that leachate generation continues for a long period not only during the landfilling work, but also after the landfill completion. Since quantity and quality of leachate fluctuate depending on rainfall, waste composition, landfilling work etc., leachate treatment facility shall be planned and designed properly so that effective treatment can be achieved. The following factors shall be considered for effective leachate treatment system. (a) Selection of Leachate Treatment Process A rational leachate treatment process shall be selected based on the requirement that the quality of leachate discharged is part of the conditions to be considered while designing the facility. Leachate quality is determined by the quality of landfilled waste, the landfill system, the landfilling methods etc. The quality of the discharged leachate shall comply with the Environmental Quality Act (1974). (b) Countermeasures for Leachate Quality Fluctuations The leachate is usually highly concentrated during the early stages of landfilling but as time passes, the concentration drops. Leachate at the early stages can be easily treated biologically but this becomes relatively difficult later on. Therefore, careful consideration such as the original typical leachate quality assumed for all stages of landfilling shall be given when selecting the leachate treatment method. Maintenance and operation measures become important at the later stages of landfilling. The biologically-difficult-to-treat leachate has to be reduced in volume or the system has to be switched over to physio-chemical treatment system. (c) Countermeasures for Leachate Volume Fluctuations Basically, volume of leachate changes with the amount of rainfall and there is usually a limit to the treatment capacity of the facility. Thus, in order to operate the facility effectively throughout the year, the leachate volume control is required. However, the cost effectiveness and feasibility of the leachate volume control and treatment facility may be questionable in areas with heavy rainfall since the capacity is depending largely on the adopted design of stormwater recurrence interval. Therefore, it is desirable to consider countermeasures to channel out rainwater or to prevent rainwater seepage into the landfilled waste layers by using section landfilling or separate landfilling as well as a appropriate selection of the cover soil materials so as to reduce the leachate volume as much as possible. Planning and Designing Leachate Treatment Facility Scale of Leachate Treatment and Volume Control Facilities The factors determining the scale of a treatment facility are such as the leachate volume and climatic conditions, especially the rainfall in the area. The most important factor to be considered in the design is the design of storm recurrence interval which is influenced by landfilling stage, the local conditions etc. areas with seasonal leachate volume differences (for example, monsoon season or dry season), it is necessary to design the facility such that during peak volume season, multiple can be operated in parallel while during low volume season, some of the facilities be partially shut down. Preliminary observations on the flow volumes through surveys in a proposed landfill site shall be made when determining the size of the treatment facility. Water flow mechanism in the flow areas shall be analysed and understood. All these data can also be used in the design of liner facility or collection and discharge facilities for underground water. Designed and Treated Leachate Quality In general, the designed leachate quality is determined by the quality of landfilled wastes. Therefore, before the design leachate quality can be established, the basic treatment plans, collection and transportation plans as well as the intermediate treatment plans shall be well understood. The landfilling method and type of landfill system shall be considered since the leachate quality changes with time depending on these factors. The quality of the treated leachate is basically regulated under the maintenance and control standards of the Environmental Quality Act (1974). (c) Leachate Treatment Method Once the size of the leachate treatment facility, the designed leachate quality and the treated leachate quality are established, the treatment process shall be the next item to be considered. When planning the treatment process, the local conditions, maintenance and control of the treatment facilities based on fluctuations in the leachate volume, quality, land size, climatic conditions etc. have to be given careful considerations. Components of Leachate Treatment System Besides leachate treatment facility, leachate collection facility, control facility, transport and discharge facility are some of the other parts that make up the overall leachate treatment system Concepts of the Operation and Maintenance The leachate treatment facility shall be carefully maintained and controlled. (a) Control of Landfilled Waste Since the landfilled wastes affect the quality of leachate, the conditions of the landfilled wastes shall be carefully controlled to observe any change occurring due to prevailing use of waste collection method, intermediate treatment process and landfilling operation etc. (b) Observation on the Quality and Quantity of Designed and Treated Leachate These data are important and necessary not only for the proper and cost effective management of the facility but also for the extension of existing facility as well as of new facilities. (c) Maintenance of Treatment Plant and Equipment Treated leachate of a good quality can be only be achieved when the various components of the leachate treatment system are functioning properly. Therefore, daily inspection and maintenance of the treatment plant, equipment and chemicals etc. shall be carried out. Design for Capacity of Leachate Controlling and Treatment Facilities Leachate Control Facility/Leachate Retention Ditch When the capacity of a leachate treatment facility is designed and fixed, the volume of leachate is fluctuating mainly with the amount of rainfall. Therefore, it is necessary to design a comprehensive and rational capacity of leachate treatment system in conjunction with leachate control facility which mitigates the fluctuation of leachate volume. An overflow control facility for stable operation of the leachate treatment facility or leachate retention ditch shall be constructed when necessary in order to ease the fluctuation of quantity and quality of leachate. In order to offset sudden fluctuations in the leachate quality, the treatment facility shall also be equipped with pre-treatment functions such as pre-aeration. In other words, a leachate control facility shall have the following capabilities Measures to cope with sudden increases in leachate due to heavy rainfall. Ensure a constant leachate quality. Leachate storage ability during suspension of leachate treatment facility for repair and maintenance. Pre-treatment functions to prevent leachate putrefaction, sedimentation of suspended solids etc. Most of the leachate control facilities are in the form of dams, pond or retention ditch. Generally, the structures shall be strong enough to withstand the water pressures. Design for Capacity of Leachate Control Facility Capacity of leachate control facility must be designed properly in order to ease the fluctuation of quantity and quality of influent leachate, and perform stable leachate control. (a) Basic Concepts It is necessary to determine the capacity or other requirements of leachate treatment facility with a thorough understanding of the climatic conditions and actual conditions of the areas through comprehensive investigation. Leachate volume fluctuates greatly, hence, in parallel with the reduction of the leachate volume by appropriate collection and control of stormwater, proper capacity design for leachate control facility which may decrease the loads to the leachate treatment facility is an important standpoint. (b) Design Capacity for Leachate Control Facility and Design Flow of Leachate Treatment Facility The design of inflow for leachate treatment facility between maximum and minimum values shall be determined. At the same time, the calculation procedure for determining the capacity of the leachate control facility to store the leachate exceeded the design capacity of leachate treatment facility shall be determined so that the system is able to treat the leachate generated day by day. A series of flow of the calculation is shown in Figure Design for Raw and Treated Leachate Quality Design for Raw Leachate Quality Design for raw leachate quality is determined by considering cases of water quality analysis at other sanitary landfills that are having relatively similar waste compositions and the landfill structure. Design for leachate treatment is determined by the raw leachate quality, target parameters to be treated as well as the degree of treatment required in order to comply with the effluent standards established by DOE. Leachate water quality is decided by the quality of the landfilled waste. The relation between the kind of landfilled wastes and the water quality items used as the main targets of leachate treatment process. (a) Pre-treatment/Control Process As pre-treatment, not only leachate control facility is required, but also others such as screen, grit chamber etc. for the removal of course matters, sediments, and control of leachate quality and quantity if required. In general, pH value of leachate from landfill site is within the middle range of approximately 6 to 8. However, sometimes pH is required to be controlled depending on the characteristic of landfilled wastes and cover soils. In case of high calcium concentration in leachate, measures to prevent generation of the scaling problems caused by calcium sulphite is necessary. (b) Leachate Recirculation Leachate recirculation is one of the treatment methods, which collects the leachate from the leachate control facility, then recirculate the leachate by sprinkling it over the surface of landfill layers again. The leachate quality will be improved by doing the recirculation due to the filtration and micro-organisms activities. Although sometimes treated leachate quality is not able to comply with the DOE effluent standards by only doing leachate recirculation, however, it has the advantage of improving the leachate quality during the first treatment, which subsequently reduces the loads for the treatment at later stage such as biological or physio-chemical treatment processes. (c) Biological Treatment Process Parameters to be treated through the biological treatment process are such as BOD, COD and Nitrogen etc. Principal methods for biological treatment are aeration lagoon, activated sludge, contact aeration, rotary disk contact process, trickling filter etc. Type of methods to be used is determined in consideration of economical efficiency, treatment function, operation and maintenance, and other aspects. (d) Physio-chemical Process The parameters to be treated through the physio-chemical treatment processes are such as COD, colour, suspended solids, heavy metals, and total coliform etc. Principal methods forphysio-chemical treatment are coagulation sedimentation, ozone oxidation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, and chelating adsorption. It is necessary to consider combination of methods depending on parameters to be treated as well as the quality of treated leachate required. Examples of physical treatment by using typical oxidation process (aerators). (e) Natural Attenuation Natural attenuation is a method of leachate treatment by utilizing purification function of the natural, which is usually possessed by ponds, wetlands, vegetation etc. There is a possibility that the energy and cost required for the treatment can be reduced or the overall operation and maintenance process can be simplified by using natural attenuation treatment. However, this method needs certain extent of land area or water surface. If suitable condition is able to be well adjusted, the system can gain an advantage in terms of economic efficiency as well as resource recycling. Operation and Maintenance for Leachate Treatment Facility Leachate treatment facility will be able to function efficiently only if it is properly operated and maintained with an effective operation and maintenance plan. The maintenance of the leachate treatment facility in particular, shall be implemented not only during the landfilling process but also after the completion of landfilling. (a) Operation and Maintenance of Leachate Treatment Facility When designing a leachate treatment facility, one of the most basic factors to be considered is easy maintenance and management. Unlike night soil or sewage, leachate volume and quality are changing with weather and seasons. These changes are sometimes on a short term and sometimes on a seasonal basis. Therefore, leachate treatment facilityshall be able to cope with both cases. Landfilled wastes decompose by time and this causes the leachate quality to also change throughout the years. Measures to monitor the leachate quantity and quality as well as regular checking and maintenance of each component of the treatment facility are necessary. In other words, maintenance is a very important factor in the operation of leachate treatment facility. Therefore, for proper operation and maintenance of the leachate treatment facility, the following measures at different landfilling stages shall be considered a) Initial Stage of Landfilling b) Middle to Final Stages of Landfilling c) Seasonal Operation s Dry Season, Monsoon Season and Heavy Rain (b) Recording of Operational Data When maintaining a leachate treatment facility, actual data on the operation shall be recorded. This data will not only be important when considering cost effective operation methods but also play a major role when designing any new facilities. The following are some main data that shall be properly recorded and kept Leachate Volume Raw leachate volume and discharged leachate volume. Leachate Quality Raw leachate quality and treated leachate quality. Weather conditions Daily rainfall volume, temperature, wind velocity, humidity etc. Operational data types and volume of chemical used etc. REFERENCES The study of the safe closure and rehabilitation of landfill sites in Malaysia, FINAL REPORT, Volume 5, The Technical Guideline for Sanitary Landfill, Design and Operation (Revised Draft KPKT, 2004) 12WyY Df()-.(/H0i123457859QmAB)CBDEuFGHIJLM,NCOYPoQRSTUVX [email protected] GuDzfZxMRzYzHzzLNwvI8z/r 1SzdiL g0UG yExbieJr/c5
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