Students are also delays in building their thinking related materials such as thermo chemical micro

Students are also delays in building their thinking related materials such as thermo chemical micro, acids and bases and chemical changes with the reason his lack of practicum activities in the learning process .In constructivist learning, learners are actively developing their knowledge by thinking, doing and interacting with the surrounding of conditions(“Th 2003,” 2003). The use of the laboratory is the putting into use of a constructivism approach for effectively improving the ability to develop an understanding of learners through interactions with their surroundings. Question processes address many thinking and learning skills such as very important thinking, creative thinking, self-controlled learning skills, metacognitive ability and communication skills. The findings of the study tell about that question based teaching approach have a positive effect on students’ of action of accomplishing or completing something challenging. Student’s attitude towards science process skill changed after using question learning model also, the findings pointed to that the learning results of the question learning model, the action of accomplishing or completing something challenging of most students from the two groups are at a good level. This means that question or investigation-based learning can be used as one method to improve student action of accomplishing or completing something challenging.

2.4 Innovative Environments (Independent Variable)
According to the research done by Poirier (2017) state that having believed the invention of new things process, the qualities of new and interesting people, and the importance of new and interesting surrounding conditions, we must now think about how to use this information to create a producing a lot with very little waste and effective educational process to clearly and understandably improve invention of new things results. We believe that we do not need to try to create new and interesting features rather, we simply need to show people how to help grow new and interesting thought by fully using the qualities they already have, awakening inactive qualities, and understanding the importance of related to what’s near the object or word being studied factors, or the invention of new things surrounding conditions. In doing so, we would “shift the curve to the right,” allowing people to improve their new and interesting thinking and increase the quality and number of inventions of new things they create.

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Social software, especially social networking, blurs the difference between formal and informal learning. Research on learning often divides into two learning into two often to both hateful camps such as formal education, with its institutional champions of approval from an organization, and informal learning, supported by fighters for something of community, workplace, informal and unplanned learning(Anderson ; Dron, 2014). For example informal learning is described as being :

• Integrated with daily routines–in contrast to formal education, which happens at times and places defined by the educational institution.

• Triggered by an internal or external jolt. In formal education, the “jolt” almost always starts with needed things set by the teacher.

• Not highly conscious. Although formal education has also been criticized for putting learners to sleep in lecture theatres, the purpose of the education is always made clear in terms of expected learning results.
• Disorganized and influenced by chance. In formal settings, the course outline makes sure of that school courses are followed and certainly not influenced by chance.

• An inductive process of reflection and action. Although not kept out, reflection and action where ideas are validated in real-life contexts are rare in formal education.

• Linked to the learning of others. Formal education is almost always a contest among registered students for marks awarded by teachers, making the creation of group working well together and supportive learning challenging, though not impossible.


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