STUDENT I did many projects as a part of




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Question: Write a few pages (approx.
400 words) about a past project that you managed that stands out in your mind
as being a great challenge. This project does not have to be in construction,
it can be a school project, home project etc. Please explain the hurdles you
had to overcome, what went right and what went wrong and why. Offer a summary analysis of the lesson(s) you



During my Engineering, I did many projects as a part of
my curriculum. I would like to describe a project which I found was most
challenging for me. I worked on the project titled “An experimental study on Concrete
containing waste materials” during the second year of my study in civil
engineering. We were 4 people working on this project. In the subsequent passages, I am going to explain the project and
all the difficulties we have faced and how did we overcome that.


main concept behind this project was to search some waste materials which can
be used as a partial replacement of cement in concrete. We divided this project into
4 phases. In the first phase, we started searching for the various waste
materials which cannot be recycled and might be used as a replacement of cement
in concrete. Then in the next phase, we selected two materials from the waste
materials and then started researching on it. We did various tests on it such
as fineness test, initial and final settlement, etc. on it and then finalized
Quarry powder and Glass powder as a replacement for


main challenge we got was that we had to complete this project in 3 months with
coping our studies and exams. And the
risk in doing this project was that we
didn’t know that it will be successful or
not because these were the new materials and we were just experimenting with them.





selection of materials, our guide for the project recommended us to make a
schedule of starting and up to completion
of the project. Then according to the schedule, we firstly replaced the cement with 2.5% Glass powder and 2.5% Quarry powder
in a M-20 grade concrete.


made almost 60 cubes and beams for
testing purpose. We performed various tests on it such as Compression test, Flexural
test, etc. But initially, we didn’t get
desired results. We were tensed about the
project. Our guide suggested us to double
the quantity to be replaced in the concrete.


in the meantime, the project was to be
completed within the time limits. So, we rescheduled
our timetable and did the project as fast
as possible.


the end, we got satisfactory results of our experiment
and we were also praised by our mentor.


I also learned many things from this project such as
time management, not to give up, team coordination.

Also, this project increased my interest in Concrete



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