Student explained in detail, and related to the Patterning

Student NameClassMr. Bork often says that we, as a school community need to act as a cohesive unit. We are here to support each other in success and failure, have each other’s back and help each other’s learning. We are going to do just that. Help each other learn.Assignment:You will be assigned a topic and it will be your responsibility to research and create an one (1) page simplistic infographic via Google Drawings, defining, explaining, and providing all possible examples (using pictures, words, numbers, equations, graphs,etc) in a creative way. You must also display where in “real life” would you find an example of this (nature, business, sports, etc) And who says math can’t be fun?! You will also incorporate an appropriate “Math Meme” related to your topic using a Meme Generator.Once I have received all the guides, Mr. Bork will compile and re-distribute them to the class as a reference or study guide. Guide Checklist:Entitled document Class#NameKewordSubmitted Google Drawing through Google Classroom before the deadlineTopic is clearly outlined on guideDefined topic (using proper mathematical terms)Researched, analyzed, explained in detail, and related to the Patterning & Algebra Math unitAnswered the 5 W’s (and 1 H)Provided a variety of examples (using pictures, words, numbers, equations, graphs,etc)”Real life” examplesIncorporate an appropriate “Math Meme” related to your topicThought outside the box, used imagination, and was creative in deliveryGood luck and have fun!Topic704705VocabularyTermDommiJadaTerm ValueNatasha, AmeliaAnthonySequenceEvanRyanVariableYashRahmahConstantMiloszKatieAlgebraic ExpressionBenjamin, EthanGabrielleAlgebraic EquationOrlandoFariahX/Y AxisJackAnaiyaLinear GrowthCharlotte, Seth, OliviaTaylor-AnneExponential GrowthDeena, Sara, OmarStory GraphsTristan, GryffinSadeeScatter PlotsGrant, SabreenNaszirStrategiesDraw & ExtendLinna, OrlyJosieT-ChartCarina, CrystalIsabelaWritten RuleDawson, FionaShannonApply & PredictVincent, RowanDevanGraphingLeon, SamNico


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