Stress is the mental

Stress is the mental, physical, family conflict or the emotional effect on employee life which affect the work and process of the mind.
Job Engagement is the degree to which representatives feel energetic about their occupations, are focused on the association, and put optional efforts into their work to make more profit and in finding the best solution for the company.
Job satisfaction is the motivational and loyal part of the employee towards the company within the organization to make the company members and client be satisfied with his work has been done.
Stress affect mentally, physically and emotionally due to which it affect both job engagement and satisfaction. As the level of stress is high, the level of the job engagement goes in negative level and the job satisfaction is decreased due to which the productivity at the workplace also decreases. As employee is not energetic, their would be no concentration and the satisfaction of the company is not established by the employee. The satisfaction is the main part of the job to increase the profit level but due to stress, the satisfaction decrease which ultimately decrease the profit of the company. From these concept, we can conclude that stress adversely affect job engagement and job satisfaction. If there is high job satisfaction, the employee rate increase and the employee work improve with increase in productivity.


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