STATEMENT performance at secondary, higher secondary and undergraduate schools

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “Knowledge is the only Instrument of Production which would yield Glorious returns”. As such I do not wish to culminate my zest for knowledge with an undergraduate degree. I want to equip myself with all the concepts and traverse new horizons in my chosen field of study. I strongly believe that graduate study would provide me with an opportunity to delve more and more into the subject, develop technical expertise and provide me an opportunity to contribute to innovative research. WHY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING? The unseen force transforming various raw materials into the complex and intricate objects we see today is Mechanical Engineering. This ubiquity and universal application of the aforesaid field in almost all the fields of engineering fascinated me. It is after a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to pursue graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. It is my quest to contribute my iota of creativity to this world of connectivity that brings my application to your desk. I have tried my level best with all sincerity to retrospect and introspect myself in the following paragraphs. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: I would like to present an overview of my performance at secondary, higher secondary and undergraduate schools .1 completed my primary and secondary schooling in ST GABRIAL EDUCATION CENTER My interest in Mathematics and Physical sciences prompted me to take up a course with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as core subjects at the plus two levels. My credentials at school level secured me a seat in a much-coveted pre-university college- “ST MARY’S CENTENARY COLLEGE “. Inspired by my liking for the subject I decided to choose Mechanical Engineering as my major field of study at the undergraduate level. This was the time where I chosen Sree Visvesvarayya Institute Of Technology And Science (Affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University) as the university for my under graduate study because of the premier education and research available. My curriculum at the undergraduate level included important subjects like Solid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics, Material Sciences, Thermal Engineering. Theory of Machines, Machine Design, Robotics, and Production Technology. A systematically scheduled laboratory course, a part of our student friendly curriculum, consolidated my theory lessons and exposed me to the domain of practical applications of this knowledge. The practical courses included laboratory work for Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Material Sciences, Heat Transfer and CAD/CAM.As my desire to know more grew, my search for the right path became intense. This is where I organized an industrial visit along with my classmates. That tour gave as an opportunity to visit places like HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT in SRISAlLAM, where I found the real applications of fluid mechanics and power plant engineering concepts. BHARAT HEAVY PLATES AND VESSELS LTD., HIDUSTHAN SHIPYARD LTD. in Vizag and ECIL LTD. in Hyderabad were the other industries I visited. Design and Manufacturing has captivated my interest during my undergraduate study and in relation to that I had also completed a Project titled “MANUFACTURE OF AMISSILE COMPONENT USING A VERTICAL MILL CENTRE AND A CAMSOFTWARE (ESPRIT) in BHARAT DYNAMICS LTD. The project aims to design and manufacturing of arm left and Gps spacer NAG missile using ESPRIT (CAM software); developed to design and manufacture on multi-axis machining. I therefore decided to take Design and Manufacturing as my field of specialization for my graduate study. I have worked on programming languages like C & C+ + on DOS platforms along with AUTO CAD, CATIA AUTO CAD, PRO-E, UNI GRAPHICHS and ESPRIT (CAM). WHY YOUR ESTEEMED UNIVERSITY? My ability to work industriously and think innovatively ahs been augmented by a good academic background. Getting admitted into an Institution of repute with eminent faculty and excellent research facilities will expose me to the latest technologies. On careful observation of “UNIVERSITY OF Sheffield Hallam prospectus and website, I have found that the graduate program and research carried out in “MANUFACTURING caters to my interest perfectly. The laboratory facilities and balanced academic program make your university the right place to embark upon an academic career and quench my thirst of learning. I am confident that I will live up to the high standards set by your University and contribute fruitfully to the Ken of Human Knowledge. I earnestly hope that you will share my confidence and give me an opportunity to continue with my higher studies in your prestigious Institution. 


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