Statement of Purpose ‘In the modern world of business

Statement of Purpose
‘In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create’ – David Ogilvy
These words ring true now more than ever. In a world where brands battle for a few seconds of your undivided attention, it is paramount to be able to sell. My fascination with marketing began when I was a young girl who was always trudging behind her mother in supermarkets, bombarding her with questions about her choice of detergent. Was it because of the colourful packaging? Or because it miraculously turned our clothes pristinely white? But I later realized it was the attractive price tag. It is much more complex in today’s world, offers and discounts just don’t cut it anymore, which makes it much more exciting for marketers who are always on their toes trying to sell the next big thing.

I graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology with a 7.14 CGPA on a 10 pt. scale (B grade) with a Bachelor of Fashion Communication degree. Consumer behavior and brand strategy were two subjects that I thoroughly enjoyed. My four-year course in NIFT cemented my decision to pursue a career in Marketing. I had the opportunity to work with industry professionals and enhance my learning’s under their guidance and pursue a more practical approach towards my assignments. I was also awarded ‘Most Innovative Communication Design’ for my graduation project.

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For my final semester I interned with MullenLowe Lintas, an advertising agency over a period of 6 months, where I worked as a junior copywriter in the creative department. My main task was to write copies for digital ads, websites, and brand pages. Although, I was not just restricted to copy and was a part of multiple campaign pitches and strategy sessions. My most notable work during my internship was my pitch proposal for Splash Fashion, where I designed a campaign by profiling users and tracking their behavioral trends in e-commerce to build a launch campaign. This pitch won us the account and went on to be my final semester graduation project as well.

Shortly after graduation I secured a job with Group M agency Mediacom as a Digital Officer. I am currently working in social media analytics and strategy. This has given me an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in the field. One of the vital reasons for me to take on this role was to acquire a well-rounded knowledge of managing a brand. Since I previously held a position in the creative team, the technical aspect of my current job has really helped me dig deep and understand the facets of a consumer-brand relationship.

The Master of Management (Marketing) program in University of Melbourne will not only improve my knowledge in this field but also propel me onto my desired career trajectory. The collaborative and pragmatic industry based approach is what attracted me to this program all the more. Dr Joeri Mol’s research in the field social media trend analysis provided me with valuable insights to apply on a day to day basis at work. I first came across his work in 2016 when our class was tasked with presenting a comprehensive case study on modern consumer behavior. His article titled ‘Shift to online music underscores power of a handful of tech giants’ was the basis of my study. His acumen on online behavior of consumers is remarkable and significantly related to my interest.

My long term goal is to work with an FMCG company such as Hindustan Unilever, Proctor &Gamble, Mars International in my native country. The consumer goods market is flourishing in India and it is a challenging field with many opportunities. I am confident that the Master of Management (Marketing) program will equip me with the skill set to make an impact in this business sector.

With students from all over the world, Australia is a cultural melting pot. I believe that it will give me an international exposure to business and open more pathways. Therefore, I chose Australia to pursue my higher education in marketing. I am a firm believer of the fact that if one must do something, one should rather do it well. Melbourne Business School is one of the highly ranked graduate schools in the world which made it an obvious choice.

I believe that my academic foundation and work experience in the field of marketing makes me a suitable candidate for this course. My distinguished characteristics such as inquisitiveness and adaptability ensures that I am capable of dealing with various challenges which come my way. I am thankful for your consideration and hope to earn an opportunity to pursue my Masters at your institution.


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