Specifications Engine capacity- 3


Engine capacity- 3.8

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Number of cylinders- v6 TWIN TURBO

Max torque- 637

Rpm- 3600-5800

Max engine power- 565 @6800 rpm

Max speed- 565 kph

Number of gears- 4

Type of transmission- dual clutch transmission

Valves per cylinder- 4

Cam design- DOHC continuously vvt

Exhaust type- full titanium dual system with 4 outlets

Bore *stroke- 95.5*88.4 mm

Fuel tank capacity- 74 litres

Horse power- 565 hp


Capacity- 3799 cc

Fuel consumption- 10.3 litres/100 km

Co2 emissions- 275g/km

Cylinder block- 244mm

Camshaft- 88.4mm

Connecting rods- 165mm

Piston compression height- 34.3mm

Compression ratio- 9

Injection- direct injection

Fuel type- unleaded petrol

Nissan gtr is the successor of the famous Nissan Skyline GTR. In the beginning of the manufacture of the GTR, the car produced a maximum of 485 hp at 6400 rpm. The stock GTR is a 6-speed dual clutch transmission with three driver-selectable modes. Fully automatic shifting or sequential manual control via paddle shifters. It is a four-wheel-drive (4WD) with patented independent rear mounted gearbox. It has a titanium exhaust with open valve system.

By 2010 the car was restyled. Its engine could develop 530 hp at 6400 rpm. It had increased boost pressure of 13psi (0.9 bar). Whereas earlier it was 11psi(0.75bar). By 2011 more the GTR was upgraded even more. More efficient fuel injectors were installed, new oil pan and the intake manifold were updated. It increased the power to 545 hp at 6400 rpm. By the end of 2013 the GTR Nismo was introduced. Its engine could produce 600 hp at 6800 rpm. It used a new fuel pump and an improved ignition system. In 2016 the initial gtr was updated again. Boost pressure was raised to 13.5 psi (0.94bar). This engines power could reach up to 565 hp at 6800 rpm.

The car that we have worked on was a 2015 Nissan GTR R35. This car was completely tuned GTR. It has been upgraded with a R35 GTR wide body kit VER.2, which is done to increase the grip and can add wider wheels which in turn gives better grip. The original GTR turbine kit GTX3076R is used. DeatschWerks 1000cc injector is installed which in turn takes in more air and reduces knocking. A intercooler is added so that it cools the fluid which in turn will have more combustion temperature. A surging tank was installed which is designed to be an overflow of extra coolant flowing from the engine or the radiator. Since the radiator is filled when the engine is cold, the overflow of liquid is collected inside the surge tank. A reservoir was also added. The radiator caps allow some coolant to escape out, stored in the reservoir. A digital air suspension is added to change the performance of the car whether in track for racing or for normal drive.


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