Sourdi is perceived as being more desirable and older compared to her sister

Sourdi is perceived as being more desirable and older compared to her sister. Nea is the controlling one compared to Sourdi. Seemingly, she takes the role that is supposed to be played by her elder sister. Nea is too naïve to understand the happenings between Sourdi, his husband, and Mr. Chhay (Chai, 143). All she fights for is happiness and closeness to her sister, whom she feels marriage has snatched away from her. She wants to be the heroin in the fight because she thought that Mr. Chhay is a bad man but later that was proved wrong. This shows her protective character. Nea also shows her selfish and immature character when she involves Duke in sourdi’s family matters without any proof. It is demonstrated when she took Duke to Sourdi’s home to help her save her sister, whom she thought had been attacked by Mr. Chhay.
Nea’s aggression, anxiety, and naivety negatively influence her decisions all through the story. Nea is a static character. This means that she does not change. She does not think before she acts. Despite the lessons learned from her actions, she does not alter. Her mother addresses this issue by saying that the problem with Nea is that she does not think before acting (Chai, 79). She is a hardheaded child from her childhood to her adulthood. Nea is also a flat character. This is because; the author does not show the reader the other right side of her.
She is just the same despite the life lessons and experiences she passes through from the beginning to the end of this story. She can be termed as impulsive, selfish and a strong-willed adolescent who never matures up (Shea, Renée, Lawrence and Robin, 56). The family, especially Ma, always find it hard to tolerate prejudice brought about by the foreign culture and work hard to solve it together with Nea’s stubbornness. To add on, Nea is fearless. It is seen at the beginning of the story where Nea fearlessly faces the drunken man and stops him from messing with her sister. She stubs him to ensure her sister’s protection.


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