Social has become the most reliable way to find



has been around for many years. The internet a thing that was created from mankind
technologies. Social media has evolved to where people find themselves using it
for entertainment or to communicate. The use of the social media has become the
most reliable way to find people all over the world. Technology has impacted  communication on social media platforms.

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use of communication and technology can come together in the use of smart
phones. They allow people to stay in touch, even over long distances, and they
are very safe and reliable to use. Technology has impacted these apps via
internet on cell phones that can communicate, with us keeping in touch with
each other is way easier than in person. This type of technology can help
develop the user to develop a romantic relationship. These well-known social media
platforms such as tinder can help users connect much better and easier than in
person. In the article “Love Me Tinder” the author Emily Witt discusses “Then
along came Tinder, the dating-hookup hybrid made things simpler, sexier, and
particularly lady-friendly” (1) This platform has become the easiest way to
connect to local people with same interest to find quick hook ups or long-term relationship.
She interviews couple of people that uses the app for different reasons “He was
27-year-old, losing the vestigial greenness of his youth he wanted to have sex
with some women” (2) There was case where a 27-year-old named Eli uses that app
to find local fast hook up. Tinder can help that one single person develop a
romantic relationship. Technology has improved this by creating these platforms
for people. Who need that push from the use of technology to help them.

use of using these social media apps and platform can get the user to create
quality of our relationships with others. We may enjoy online friendships using
social media sites like Facebook or Tinder, for example, but the difference
between these kinds of interactions and interactions with people in the
physical world there is a small chance. If we expect no more from these online friendships
than they can give, no good reason exists why we can’t enjoy. The power of
social media sites to connect us efficiently to people we’d otherwise not
touch. The problem, however, comes when we find ourselves deep into electronic friendships
for physical ones or mistaking our electronic relationships for physical ones.
In the book it’s complicated the author discusses that “Many teens today go online to socialize with
friends they know from physical setting and to portray themselves in online”.
(38) They may feel we’re connecting effectively with others via the Internet. Technology
has change this by influencing the young person mind set.

has also change the way we communicate with each other. Social media can be
missed used in some situation such as cyber bullying. In the article “Between
You, Me, And My 622 Buffs,” by Peggy Orenstein many teens miss use social
media platforms to get attention or even the wrong type of crowd. “Age fourteen
to twenty four reported experiencing digital abuse , with girls significantly
more likely to victimized”(450)


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